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Major Projects

A small archive of my larger scale projects, with some samples below:

MegaMan X 4 Vocal Mod-

This mod, intended for use with the english PC port of MegaMan X4, will replace all existing english voiceovers with an entirely new set, including most of the missing Maverick voiceovers, as well as re-dubbed cutscenes.

MegaMan Battle Network: The Program of Light and Darkness-

I'm working on an english adaptation of the movie "RockMan.EXE: Program of Light and Darkness".

Here's some samples to tide you over 'til the movie drops. (Project on indefinite hiatus due to lack of staff.)

Eleccentric and Adolescentric-

Intended as an english dub of the anime "Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko". (Project on indefinite hiatus due to lack of staff.)

RockMan X 7 Re-Dub'd-

Intended as mod for the PC port of RockMan X 7 that would replace the original japanese voiceovers with a new set of english ones. (Project on indefinite hiatus due to the fact that this game just isn't worth it.)