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Missed, or looking for a post with cool content? Don't bother! Here, you can find various links to view the things I've made. This way, you don't have to dig through millions of posts and text just to find what you want. Each section is organized by type of content, and all you gotta do is click on the section's title:

My musical projects, consisting of both originals and covers. You can find 'em at the following sites:

Voice acting clips, based on various sources. Performed by myself, unless otherwise noted.

Gameplay Footage-
Videos based on or of videogames: half the reason why nothing ever gets accomplished around here.

Funny, random, or funnily random photos that I've taken. Taken quite a while ago. (You can find the newer stuff at twitter and tumblr now, under the tag "#figurefuntography"!)

If you intend on using my work, please let me know! It's not cool when a person works hard on something only to have someone else claim it's theirs. That's like snatching someone's heart, which is what most creators put into their work.