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Friday, November 11, 2016

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years

So, it's been kinda quiet, huh?

I know the usual thing is:

>Take forever to make something

>Post about it a few days after it's been published

>Disappear for a while to do IRL stuff

But I think the gaps between posts have been getting bigger and bigger, huh?

I sometimes worry I don't have anything left worth to say. Every post slowly becomes a bunch of characters all out of context.

... wait, did I just quote one of my one songs? Oh goodness, maybe there's some hope after all.

In any case, if you haven't checked 'em out yet, a few of the tracks off of "vocalize" have been updated on newgrounds, and even mirrored onto soundcloud.

Still trying to find some time crank the last half of vocalize out. Almost theeeeere~

On the IRL side I'm back in school, and it's been eating up a huge chunk of my time. (Am I the eternal student? Like Kyo Kusanagi? Or Kintaro Oe???) And you know how I usually slow my roll during school so that I can get school stuff done? Well, school just domineered the remaining chunk I used to dedicated to creative stuff. It's been a pretty harrowing experience.

But maybe I'll come back Saiyan strong after this. Who knows.

The fact that all these fun things keep releasing isn't helping. I broke study time to play GV2 (oh it was so, so good), but I can't keep doing it for BlazBlue, Project DIVA X, SeHa Girls, Shantae, KoF, and Pokémon.

... I'm a horrible liar, I totally unlocked a bunch of the easy-peasy trophies for Central Fiction the other night.

Oh, and Dr. Strange was cool too.

Argh, my willpower is fading. Winter break needs to hurry up and get here.

So 'til next time, space cowpokes. We'll Mau Mau in the next episode.

(Bonus shot of my Spidey suit shoot that we did shortly before NYCC as a field run for the thing. As much as I rag on the old Spidey movie trilogy, I do enjoy 2 a lot. I think it's obvious which part of the movie was my favorite.)

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