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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Repressed desires layer the atmosphere

Here's to the star-crossed lovers out there, "ShootingStar". Check it out on Newgrounds and YouTube.



Reach out and cast a wish up above
let's immerse ourselves in the sea of
the sky dyed blue by many a gaze
of a lonely heart in disarray

Swimming amongst desires and dreams
The stars when blessed with wishes they gleam
An etheral network of seeking souls
searching for somewhere we're not alone

there are some things inexplicable
these feelings are unpredictable
thoughts of you occur spontaneously
intrinsic urges instantaneously

distance between hearts
indecision orbiting
true intentions are eclipsed
honesty locked behind lips

Repressed desires layer the atmosphere

shine upon the dark
beaming beacon beckons me
features like a constellation
drawn to traces of your face and

I'll chase after you like a shooting star

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