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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lyrical Affectation: Rhythmic Self-deprication

Months ago, there was a contest held by Crypton where the winner would be featured in the 2016 MikuExpo tours. I entered the contest and wrote 3 songs:

Velveteen Bestfriend
going nowhere
Endless Obscurity

The three of them form a quasi-single I like to call Lyrical Affection, in addition to telling a short story.

Lyrical Affectation is also something if a special project that used songwriting ideas I'd been holding onto for quite a few years now. I'm sure the younger me would've been happy to know that these ideas finally saw the light of day, especially for such a big occassion.

So, give 'em a listen! They're really good, and something of a departure from the usual sound as of late. (2 are pop/rock, the other is another R&B jam.)

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