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Monday, August 31, 2015

My birthday game is almost as bad as Lloyd Irving's...

It's Miku's Birthday! ... well, whatever's left of it anyway.

I know kept saying, "I'm gonna finish 'vocalize'," and, "Don't worry, it'll be out soon!"

Well, here we are. It's already Miku's birthday, and it's STILL not done yet. I feel like that Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia. "Don't worry Colette! I'll finish it soon!"

... yeah right.

But! Today is a day of celebration, not a day to beat myself up over how amazingly unpunctual I am!

Last year, I wrote a song for Miku's birthday. I was thinking, "how does one outdo a song as a birthday present?"

The answer: A concert!

... but that's not happening any time soon. (Would be cool though.) So instead, I decided to touch up some of my VOCALOID-based works, and release them on one handy-dandy package in the form of the EP "vocalize".

Yes, the very same "vocalize" I've been talking about for a long while now.

In celebration of Miku's birthday, we decided to roll out the tracks on NG as they're done. Here's what's been uploaded/updated throughout the day:

Midnight Mind Racer
Even If I'm Imaginary
turn it off.

Again, sorry to keep all of you waiting. When all the tracks are finally uploaded, they'll also be mirrored at YouTube, the videos will feature the fancy cover art made specially for this release.

... yeah, I'll be doing a special illustration for the EP. Wouldn't be a proper EP if didn't have album art, right?

So that said, Happy Birthday dearest Lab Partner. A big thank you to you and all of the folks out there who listen to our music, and for patiently putting up with my unbelievably unprofessional self.

Here's to many more fun years of music and shenanigans.

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