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Monday, May 4, 2015

Songlation - Fight On! Casshern!

For if I don't do it, who else will?!

I'm amazed I didn't think of doing this earlier. I'm also surprised that nobody has more than romaji transcriptions of the lyrics readily available online.

So, two birds with one stone. I've even done the opening monologue:

In exchange for his human life,
he recieved a body of limitless vigor
to tear the mechanized menace asunder
For if Casshern won't do it, who else will?

Scream aloud, Casshern!
Fight on, Casshern!
Break through, Casshern!

Whispers on the wind tell of an incredible man!
Kick! Attack! Electro Punch!

Within his body lies an overflowing endurance
Strike down the Android Army in your way!
Smite them with your burning rage, make them all pay!

Friender! Jet!

Neo Human Casshern,
Casherrn, Casshern!

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