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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I sit and blankly stare at this sheet waiting for the notes to fall into place.

Just in time for my dear lab assistant's birthday!

This one's called "vocalize":

What better way to celebrate Miku's birthday than having her do what she does best?

"vocalize" is a lot of things:

First and foremost, it's a song about writing a song. For many songwriters, composing allows them to "vocalize" their innermost thoughts and feelings.

This ties into the song's second function: my take on Miku Hatsune. For me, Miku expresses the ability to take an idea and share it with the world. She's a voice for those who may not have one. When you think about it, a song like this seems right up her alley, huh?

Think of it like Miku and I trying to encourage you into not just writing a song, but stepping out into the world and sharing what kind of amazing person you can be. That's what "vocalize" is supposed to be.
And with that, here's to 7 years of music and fun, and to many more in the future.


(You're my infatuation)
Thoughts cross your mind
Words graze your lips
dancing on the tip of your tongue

Aspire to inspire
Waiting for the train of
thought that never comes

I sit and blankly
stare at this
sheet waiting
for the notes to fall into place

Exciting still so frightening
What will fill the page?

Is it something touching?
Does it contain feelings?
Memories woven into a ballad?

Is it something poppy
Does it sound real happy
No need to worry the music is with me!

Is it something angry?
All full of anxiety?
Intense frustrations and complications?

Could it be for just me?
Romantic variety?
Flowering passion, so what's your reaction?

Don't be shy
Share with me what's in your imagination
Let's redefine the world with your creation

Dance to the beat of your voice's vibrations
Share with the world our brand new sensation

(You're my infatuation)

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