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Monday, June 9, 2014

MEGAMAN X4 RE-VOCALIZED (It's finally happening!)

So, remember how I did a mod for X4 (PC) for X and Zero? Now it's time to go full circle and finish off the cutscenes and everybody else.

And to think it started with the thought, "X sounding like a girl is lame."

At first, I was only going to do X and Zero (and maybe Sigma). While doing the cutscenes I figured, "What the hell, let's do everyone else too."

I wanted to play an X4 as if it were localized a little bit better. No cut Maverick voices, and no lazily leaving in any Japanese lines. (Final Bout where you at?!) Something like Metal Gear Solid I guess?

The project is still underway:
-X and Zero's in-game voices are mostly done, and X's dialogue for his cutscenes is all recorded and set.
-Zero and Sigma have most of their cutscene lines done, but Zero still has recording to do, and Sigma has just a wee bit to go as well.
-Colonel and Iris have some of their cutscene lines done, but none of their in-game ones.
-Sigma also has to record his in-game lines.
-Double and General have squat done. General has a head start on Double though.
-Of the Mavericks, only Peacock and Spider have had their lines done and implemented in-game. Some of the others have their lines recorded, but there's still the matter of repacking the files.
-Only the endings have been touched up with sound effects. Still lots and lots to do in the cutscene department.

And that's where we're at! The only thing more I wish I could do is re-enable the pre-fight lines for the 8 Mavericks, but that's currently out of my league.

See you next time, Space Cowboys!

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