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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Utau, mawaru, terasu, odoru, hikaru, hashiru, kono B-B-B-Beat continues!

How long has it been since I got to write about my toys? Since I'm frequently asked IRL about what my collection looks like, I figured I'd dedicate a blog post to a part of it. (The entire collection is pretty damn massive, so let's just tackle things one a time! Maybe some day!) I apologize in advance for the crappy camera quality. One of the biggest reasons why I no longer do "Figure Funtography" posts is because I no longer have a decent camera. I ended up using the VITA instead.

Tonight, we'll be taking a look at "The Bookshelf", which is essentially a bookshelf that I have here at the lab:

See what I mean? It's pretty damn crowded. Let's take a closer look at each tier!

TOP FLOOR: Figures

(Front, from left to right:) 90's X-Men action figures, Team Rocket non-posable figures, Jakks Pacific Yuusuke and Kuwabara, McFarlane Solid and Liquid Snakes, Jakks Pacific Goku (Dragon Ball) and Krillin (Dragon Ball), Irwin Toys Korin, Jakks Pacific Puar, Irwin Toys Master Roshi and Mr. Satan, Jakks Pacific Ultimate Gohan and Civilian-wear Vegeta.
(Back, from left to right:) Majesto 1:18 Harley Davidson Nightrod Special and Nightster replicas, Jakks Pacific MegaMan X Ride Chaser.

The top shelf was originally for the really big stuff that could only be displayed, such as the scale motorcycles and the Ride Chaser. Eventually, several figures went up there starting with Team Rocket and the X-Men. Sometime later, the rest joined.

I've had the X-Men toys for quite some time, so sadly I couldn't recount how I got them, though I do remember most were gifts from my uncle, who was also a huge comic book afficionado. (He's the same uncle that scored me that signed copy of the WildC.A.T.S 1st ish. He has his own wicked collection on display at his house.)

The Team Rocket figures were a Japanese release that I found at a flea market with my Dad (who is by far the bigger Poke-fan out of himself, my sister, and I). We also found a bunch of the 1st gen Pokemon figurines this way too, amongst other neat stuff. Sadly, the place has since closed down.

Yuusuke and Kuwabara were purchases I made back in High School. After I landed myself a job, I used the excess money I earned (haha, oh such simple times) to hunt down releases that I had missed growing up. Hell, I still do this every once in a while. It's tough trying to keep tabs on releases from both the past and future... I got them both (and the Ankoku Bujutsukai Yuusuke) while they were still available at RightStuf. Should've grabbed the Kurama too! (Any YYH fan knows how bleeding hard it is to get merch. of the sly fox.)

The McFarlane Snake and Liquid were figures I'd been searching for for years until a year or two ago. McFarlane's figures are absolutely gorgeous, and these two are no exception. (I have the MGS2 Snake and Soul Calibur 2 Nightmare as well, who're just as awesome.) Liquid wasn't as hard, but I lost hope after seeing (a complete) Snake's price skyrocket as time went by. Eventually I had lost hope, until I decided to sit down and look the two up for the hell of it. Sure enough, I found a Snake for under $20. Seizing this chance, I sniped both brothers on eBay for rougly $20, all accessories and boxes included.

The Dragon Ball figures are something of a joint venture between my Father and I. (He's the one that got me into anime, after all.) Being a collector himself, he'd bring me along on his escapades to hunt down figures from both the the eastern and western Bandai lines. (He's got the giant Super Baby, as well as the Super Saiyajin 4 Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta figures. So. Jealous.) Eventually, I'd branch off and start collecing figures as well. While the majority of the figures are now in storage (we got a LOT of them between the both of us), I made sure to display some of my favorites. The student Gohan and civilian Vegeta are two of my personal favorite figures, because you seldom see these outfits outside of the anime or manga. (Plus they just look really cool.) I also really liked the martial arts-inspired fights from Dragon Ball, which is why Goku and Krillin are up there as well. Don't get me wrong, I like both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but I perfer the martial arts-centric approach the earlier fights took, much like most of the Yuusuke fights in Yuu Yuu Hakusho. (Yuusuke's fight with Sensui was one of the best.) Watching people blast each other with giant laser cannons just isn't as fun or artsy. (MvC3 players know what I mean. Right? Right?!)

The Jakks Pacific Ride Chaser is a ride Chaser inspired by X7. While I absolutely abhor the game, I did want me some Ride Chaser action. I have the accompanying Axl figure displayed elsewhere in the lab. I got the two scale bikes because I just like motorcycles. In short, I just like cool bikes, and that's why I bought them.

5TH FLOOR: Manga, Figma, and RockMan (and Gohan)

(Toys, from left to right:) Bandai Gohan (GT), Kotobukiya RockMan and Roll, Yujin Rock Volnutt, Bandai Rush/Mole (RockMan.EXE), Bandai RockMan.EXE (Rockin Action), Max Factory White Rock Shooter, Good Smile Company Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter (Original), Max Factory Miku Hatsune (Cheerful ver.), Black Rock Shooter (Original), and Shana (Enpatsu ver.)
(Books, from left to right:) Battle Story RockMan.EXE vol. 1, Devil May Cry 3 vol. 1-2, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko vol. 1-3, Dragon Ball Omnibus 1 and 5, Dragon Ball Z Omnibus 7 and 9, FLCL vol. 1-2, GTO vol. 1-8, GTO: 14 Days in Shonan vol. 1-9, Happy Lesson vol. 1, The Hentai Prince and Stony Cat vol. 1, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure vol. 1-5 and 7, K-ON! vol. 1-4.

As mentioned above, my Dad and I had a ton of the Super Battle Action line from Bandai. Gohan (pictured above) comes in a set with Goten, as well as Super Saiyajin heads for both brothers. Gohan's glasses are actually removable. (Until recently, I'd lost them for years at a time.)

Kotobukiya's Rock and Roll are the most gorgeous plastic renditions I've ever seen of either character. (As you can tell, I really liked the RockMan 8 design.) Plus, they're not all that hard to build, they have all sorts of extra pieces for the customizing types, and they're even durable! (Take that Mega Armor series from Bandai! You and your iffy arm joints!) Well, mostly durable. Rock's collar is actually damaged. It's quite then, and I ended up slightly tearing it when removing it from the cast. (Uncool.) And as if that weren't enough, Roll was a bit problematic during assembly. IIRC, I couldn't get one of her pelvic pieces to insert correctly, and the bugger ended up popping out and struck me right in the eye. After she was done, the entire experience gave new meaning to "sight for sore eyes". Gracious.

The Yuujin-SR Rock Volnutt ended up being something of a Christmas present to myself. (Do those count?) It's notoriously hard to find anything from the D.A.S.H. series at an affordable rate. Sometime around the holiday season, I ended up finding a Volnutt online. Mind you, he's really, really rare. I knew what I had to do, though my wallet wasn't too happy about it... Around the same time, I had just hit the Calinca Ruins in the PSP port of DASH 2, so I plopped Rock next to me as I played. I felt like a kid.

I've had the Rockin' Action RockMan.EXE for many, many years. Probably from around the time Axess was just starting to air, maybe? (Man, when you think about how long ago that is, it makes me feel old...) RockMan was one of my favorite figures growing up, so you can bet I played the hell out of him. He was retired from active playtime when I ended up breaking one of the leg joints. He's now display only, though that doesn't change how amazingly badass this figure is. Most figures in the Rockin' Action line came with a virus from RockMan.EXE 2. Normal Style came with a "Rush" (or Mole, as it was referred to in the West) virus. (I used to farm the 2nd verion for Variable Swords in EXE 2. Good times.)

Figmas are some seriously cool figures. While they're not actually suited for heavy play, they're still capable of looking seriously sweet. The level of articulation is quite impressive, and the joints are worked into most of the figures' designs quite well. (For the non-figure savvy, that means it's harder to tell where the joints are. It's practical and aesthetically appealing.) They're a little on the expensive side though, so I only grab my favorites.

The BRS figma was a no-brainer. I really like BRS, especially the original version. I also have Stella, the BRS game's version too, but she's displayed elsewhere in the lab. (I can't decide who the favorite is between the two, much like the many different RockMen. What I DO know, is that BRS as a whole is pretty high on the favorites list, much like how Miku and RockMan are.)

The White Rock Shooter figma came in a bundle with the White Premium Box, a special edition release of Black Rock Shooter the Game. Yes, I actually have the White Premium Box, I liked the game that much. White Rock Shooter herself is also quite the villain. Without giving away too many spoilers, I can say that she's quite the nutbar villain, kind of like the Joker, only less crazy and more genocidal. And despite being a genocidal nutbar, she's still quite pretty, and has one of the funniest moments to ever grace a villain in videogame history. Oh WRS, you and your lack of self-control...

Miku is also another no-brainer. She's Miku. Why WOULDN'T I have one of her many figma? (Price would be a valid excuse. In fact, price is why I don't already have the other variations. Expensive variations are expensive, dammit!) This particular version is the "Cheerful Japan!" release, which comes with more accessories and an exclusive face plate (much like the other rereleases).

Shana is one of my favorite characters, so I ended up getting both her AND her nendoroid. I have no regrets. As it turns out, there's also a variant of both her figma AND nendoroid that has her normal hair color. Sadly, both were Dengeki exlcusives, which means there's probably no way in hell I'm finding them now. Shana-tan would've looked perfect next to pouty BRS-tan.

4TH FLOOR: More Manga (Covered by Figma boxes)

(Toys, from left to right:) Captain America and Iron Man, Nintendo Link (Ocarina of Time), Wendy's Mario, Good Smile Company Erio Touwa, Takara Tomy Progress PET HP and Speed Grips, Progress PET and Progress PET holster.
(Boxes, from left to right:) Bandai RockMan X Ultimate Armor Mega Armor Kit, Rockman.EXE 4.5/Battle Chip Gate (Blues) Bundle, Max Factory Black Rock Shooter (original), Black Rock Shooter 2035 (game), Shana, and Miku (Cheerful Japan!) boxes.
(Books, from bottom to top:) Love on the Job, Velvet Kiss vol. 3-4.

Since there's a LOT of stuff on the following shelves, I've decided to break down each shelf by the stuff in the front, followed by the stuff in the back. Here's the stuff in the front:

The Captain America and Iron Man were either my Uncle's or my Dad's, and they ended up getting adopted into my collection during one of the moves. They might be from the "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars" line from the '80's, though I can't be specific.

I've had the Link for the longest time as well. When Ocarina of Time first came out, my father, being the huge Zelda fan he is, ended up both the Link and Gannon figures, as well as the mini set that included smaller scale versions of Link, Gannon, and Zelda. Somehow, I ended up with a Link of my own too, and he's been with me ever since. (I have the shield, it's somewhere in storage. I just never had it on him 'cause it looked weird. I DID lose the scabbard though, much to my regret.)

The Mario figure was a special toy that was distributed at Wendy's fast food restaurants a long while back. That's where I got this one from. I remember buying it outright, instead of getting it with the meal it came with like you were supposed to. Yes, some places actually let you do this, which is pretty cool!)

I really liked Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, and I thought Erio was really cute. I admit, I was glad to see her come out of her futon and take on the world, baby steps at a time. Ryuushi was kind of a spaz though. Fun-fact: My Monica-Rial-esque voice ended up being the basis for the voice I use when voicing her.

The Progress PET is my favorite generation of PET, and I'm proud to say I own the Netto (Lan) version, along with several grips. The grips themselves were found by sheer dumb luck at a small toy shop in Edgewater NJ, and being the total RockMan dweeb I am, I snatched 'em up in a heartbeat. I ordered the holster seperately online though, since I wanted my PET to feel cozy. It's surprisingly hard to find parts for the Progress line these days. On the other hand, chips aren't as bad, since there's a couple sellers who've made the Korean versions available online. (Personally, I'd perfer to keep my chips in katakana. Having them both in hangul and katakana would just confuse the hell out of me, especially since I can't read hangul...)

... and for those of you who recognized the titles of the books on top of the BRS figma boxes, yes, they're the ones by THAT Chihiro Harumi. She's quite the writer, and it doesn't hurt that her artwork is very nice to look at. With both series are for more mature readers (read: Not for anyone scared away by boobs, butts, ladyparts and lightsabers), they are very entertaining reads and indicative of just how talented this lady truly is considering how different the two are in tone.

4TH FLOOR: More Manga (No longer covered by Figma boxes)

CONTENTS: (From left to right:) MegaMan NT Warrior vol. 1, MegaMan MegaMix vol. 1-3, MegaMan GigaMix vol. 1-3, Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 4, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, vol. 1 and 2, RockMan.EXE vol. 4-5, Rose Hip Zero vol. 1, Shakugan no Shana vol. 1-6 (English), Shakugan no Shana vol. 7-10 (Japanese), Shonan Jun-Ai Gumi (English) vol. 1-14.
(Stack on top of Shana series, from bottom to top:) HaGaNai vol. 1-2, Yome-Iro Choice vol. 1-6.

First and foremost, allow me to quickly gripe that Ryo Takamisaki's awesome work RockMan.EXE is blasphemed with the awful translation it was given. If you're a regular at the blog, you already know how much I abhor the "NT Warrior" translation effort, and we'll leave it at that, so as to not scare away any of the newcomers.

Otherwise, there's not much else to say here, other than it's really obvious that I really liked the adventures of Onizuka. I also really like MegaMan too, but that's kind of obvious at this point. I have to admit, my favorite between Bad Company, Shonan Jun-Ai Gumi, GTO, and GTO: Shonan 14 Days, is Shonan Jun-Ai Gumi. (I've yet to read Ino-Head or GTR, much to my friend's protests.) TONS of raw emotion makes it a fantastic read, especially if you like Yankii/Bosozoku themed stories. (Big time Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun fan too!)

My passion for GTO is kind of funny when you consider stuff like Denpa Onna, Happy Lesson, and K-ON! are in the shelf right above it... But then again, the amazing manliness that is JoJo, Toriko, Trigun, and Yuu Yuu Hakusho (featured below) probably neutralizes things.

Speaking of GTO, I really wish Fujisawa would continue Rose Hip. It's mindless gunslinging action, sort of like a lesser Gunsmith Cats (which is absolutely cool, BTW). Who wouldn't like that? And it's not like he can't, after reading the Black Diamond short spin-off from Shonan 14 Days. (Black Diamond's also featured in the last vol. of Shonan 14 Days for the curious.) It's clear he can still do gunfights.

... and there's also the contrast between the tastefully mature works Velvet Kiss and Love on the Job, and the delightfully immature Yome-Iro Choice. While Harumi's works are romantic dramas, Tenkla's Yome-Iro Choice is an explicit harem comedy. Despite some of the jokes can be somewhat questionable (to downright NSFW), it is a HELLA funny series. It's also got bits and pieces of sentimentality in there too, and the final arc is something that'll definitely jog the emotions. The strange thing is that I don't even like harem comedies (Ranma, and Tenchi notwithstanding, those two are fantastic). Yet Yome-Iro Choice's cast is just ridiculously likeable, even though most of them are assigned your typical moe-character archetype. It's probably because the cast has such a wonderful chemistry with each other (like Persona 4, or Azumanga Daioh), and that is what helps carries a series such as this along. It just works.

3RD FLOOR: Even More Manga (and boxes), DVD's

CONTENTS: (From left to right:) Bandai D-Arts MegaMan, MegaMan X, and Zero (Type 2) boxes, Takara Tomy Plug-In PET, Good Smile Company Erio Touwa Nendoroid box, Bandai D-Arts Bass box, Good Smile Company Miku Hatsune and Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid boxes, Bandai D-Arts Izanagi box, Disney Vanellope Von Schweetz figure/race car pack.

While the Progress PET is my favorite PET design, RockMan.EXE 2-3 were my favorite EXE games, and the first two seasons of the RockMan.EXE anime were my favorite seasons. (BEEEEEEF!) I'd wanted the Plug-In model for the longest time, but I had to wait quite some time to get it. I think around a decade maybe? (Being a young'n with no job makes it pretty tough to be a collector, ladies and gents.)

As for Vanellope, she's my favorite character from Wreck-It Ralph. For me, she was just one of those characters that you end up liking the minute they make their appearance. Sarah Silverman also helps in this regard, as she's does an excellent job with the character. (She's also pretty damn funny.) Overall, I really liked the entire movie. It reminded me of Kidd Radd, which was a favorite web series from back in the day. I'm especially fond of coin-op releases, which made the movie that much more alluring. Plus, I'm a gamer that likes collecing game figures, so I figured, "Hey, why not, y'know?"

Izanagi's acquisition was a pretty funny one. I had a choice of getting either him, or Thanatos. It was a very, very hard decision. Unlike the games, I couldn't just go and kill off some shadows so I could get all the personae I want... In the end, Izanagi won out. I have more of a bond with Izanagi. (Maybe it's because of all those JYB imitations...) Fun fact: unlike every other box featured on the bookshelf, he's the only one still in his box. X, Zero, MegaMan, and Bass are displayed elsewhere, just like Stella.

3RD FLOOR: Even More Manga, DVD's

(Books, from left to right:) Shonan Jun-Ai Gumi vol. 15, Toriko vol. 1-4, Trigun vol. 1-2, Trigun Maximum vol. 1-3, Velvet Kiss vol. 1-2, Welcome to the NHK vol. 1-2, Yuu Yuu Hakusho vol. 1-2, 12-13, 19, Yu-Gi-Oh! vol. 1.
(VHS/DVD's, from bottom to top, left to right:) Gunsmith Cats vol. 1 (VHS), The Big Hit, Cromartie High School vol. 1, Don't Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Good Burger, Kung-Fu Hustle, Legend of the Mystical Ninja vol. 1-3, Neon Genesis Evangelion vol. 1-8, The End of Evangelion, Spaceballs, Ultimate Muscle Vol. 1, Trigun Vol. 1, Viewtiful Joe vol. 3/OST pack, Trigun: the Complete Series, Trigun: Badlands Rumble.

As you can see from the rest of the bookshelf, there's actually quite a few series that are incomplete. One day, I'd like to actually get around to finishing them, as well as introducing even more of my favorites to the bookshelf. (Isn't that every reader's dream?)

I also have a couple of DVD's in here too, a good portion of which include a few of my favorite films. I also have the entirety of EVA, as well as Trigun. I keep running into the Samurai Champloo and FLCL sets in various forms, and I keep having to pass them up... one day though! Same goes for GTO, (though that'd most likely be even harder). Truth be told, the DVD section was just there to serve as a buffer between the games and the books. I actually have even more DVD's lying around somewhere: the MegaMan Upon a Star OVAs, the entirety of the Ruby-Spears MegaMan cartoon, another VJ DVD, and Happy Lesson 1-3, as well as the OVAs that were released in english, just to name a few. (I really liked Happy Lesson, save for the Final season. I really wish they brought over Advance and vol. 2 of the manga. The english cast was surprisingly good!)

2ND FLOOR: Games

CONTENTS: (From left to right:)
(PS2, from bottom to top:) .hack//INFECTION, Ape Escape Pumped and Primed, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Dragon Ball Z: Tenka'ichi Budokai 3, Grandia II, King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, King of Fighters 2006 (Maximum Impact 2), MegaMan Anniversary Collection, MegaMan X Collection, MegaMan X 7, MegaMan X 8, Persona 4, Metal Slug Anthology, Street Fighter Alpha Collection, Galactic Wrestling featuring Ultimate Muscle (Ultimate Muscle Generations), Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2, Persona 3: FES, Samurai Champloo Sidetracked.
(DS, from bottom to top:) Chrono Trigger, Kirby: Super Star Ultra Kirby: Squeak Squad, MegaMan Star Force: Pegasus, MegaMan Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja, MegaMan Star Force 3: Black Ace, MegaMan Zero Collection, MegaMan ZX, River City Super Sports Challenge, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble, The World Ends With You, Pokemon: Soul Silver.
(GameBoy Advance, from bottom to top:) Pokemon: Emerald, Pokemon: LeafGreen, GameBoy Player Boot Disc (for GameBoy Player accessory for the GameCube).
(3DS, from left to right:) Code of Princess, Project X Zone, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.
(VITA, from left to right:) DJMAX Technika Tune, Persona 4 Golden, Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection.
(Misc.) PokeWalker peripheral, UMDs with demos for Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, SOCOM: Tactical Strike, Jeanne D'Arc, and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Big Boss Pack, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker UMD (in Big Boss Pack sleeve).

And this isn't even the entirety of the games I own.

In case anyone was wondering, I also have the entirety of the initial .hack// game tetraology (Infection-Quarantine). I only have INFECTION on display because it's the one I'm currently playing. (At least, I tried to. Spending 200+ hrs. is a rather daunting challenge...)

The KOF's (including the '00/01 and '02/03 dual releases, not pictured above) were surprisingly hard to track down, same goes for the Ultimate Muscle game, even when Ultimate Muscle was still on the air!

2ND FLOOR: Even More Games

CONTENTS: (From left to right:)
(GameCube, from bottom to top:) Four Swords Adventures, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, MegaMan: Anniversary Collection, MegaMan Network Transmission, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Phantasy Star Online: Episodes I and II, Pokemon: Colosseum, Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Super Mario Sunshine, Tales of Symphonia, Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation, Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rubmle
(PSP, from bottom to top:) Ape Escape: On the Loose, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai, Final Fantasy, Kenka Bancho, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, MegaMan: Maverick Hunter X, MegaMan: Powered  Up, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops+, Metal Slug XX, Patapon 2, PaRappa the Rapper, Persona 3: Portable, Phantasy Star Portable, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Power Stone Collection, Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?!, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Blank Case (holds Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble), Zettai Hero Project: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, Lunar: Silver Star Complete (it's in the corner, beneath the Rocksmith box).
(PS3, from left to right:) BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND (Limited Edition), Iron Man 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Special Edition), Metal Gear Solid 4 (Limited Edition), NHL '10, Tekken 6, Rocksmith.
(Wii, from left to right:) Kirby's Dream Collection, Kirby: Return to Dream Land, No More Heroes, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.
(PC, from left to right:) Battlefield: 1942, Gears of War.

Seriously, I have a lot of videogames.

Also, I am insanely happy to have a legitimate way to play Sonic the Fighters on a console. I've been aching for this ever since I played the hell outta the game as a kid in the arcades.

Oddly enough, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Wii) is missing from this lineup. I have to remember to put that back on the bookshelf.

EXTRA: Games that're usually kept on the 2nd floor of the bookshelf, but are currently hanging out in the game room because I'm playing them

CONTENTS:(From top to bottom:)
(PS3:) Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Project Diva F, No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, Super Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, Persona 4 Arena, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
(PS2:) MegaMan X Command Mission, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Virtual-On Marz
(GameCube:) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Kirby: Air Ride, Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition
(Wii:) Kirby's Dream Collection

As the title reads, these are where they are because I'm actively playing these games, though Symphonia is sucking up the majority of my time these days. I'm also close to the platinum for Project Diva f, the new Strider, and Persona 4 Golden. (I've been close to plat. for Golden for quite some time now, I figure maybe I'll just get off my lazy rear and finally do it.)

BASE FLOOR: Really old books, magazines, anthologies, and strategy guides.

CONTENTS: Other than the .hack//enemy Kite Starter Deck down there, you don't seriously expect me to catalogue ALL of those do you?

Considering how I just spent an hour ID-ing the rest of the bookshelf, I think I'll take a break on this one, thanks. Down here is where I store a bunch of old magazines, such as vintage Nintendo Powers, GamePros, Game Informers, Shonen Jumps, and other assorted Guitaring mags. I also have a few older strategy guides too. One of note is the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Player's Guide. The artwork inside is pretty neat, and there's a ton of interesting factoids featured as well.

And that's that for the bookshelf. It's quite populated, right? I hope you enjoyed this little walk through memory lane, as I did writing it! (It took me several hours to write this up! Seriously!)

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