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Monday, January 27, 2014

Take me to the dream!

I really like DJMAX, so I figured I'd do a songlation for one of my favorite songs: Ask to Wind!

This marks my first songlation from Korean to English, so I hope everything came out okay. Thankfully, Pentavision already made an english translation available for the song, so I mainly used that for a reference.


Take me to the dream!

Don't remember just long it's been
since I've started gazing out to you,
thinking of you waving back
to me 'cross the ocean blue

Almost as if it were whispering,
a white wind tries to call out to me
imploring me to reach out to the me within my heart

As the world from within my dreams draws ever closer
step by step
I try my very best to reach
but it slips right through my grasp

As the whimsical wind disperses I make but one request:

Would it be too much to ask... if you could just take me back?

Take me to the dream!

I've still places to go!
Don't leave before we've ventured into the unknown

Fly me to the dream!

Shall we take to the sky?
With wings I'll soar across the clouds 'til I'm a star!

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