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Monday, December 9, 2013

Mou ikkai? Mada desu yo!

And now for the monthly content dump! (Or is it bi-monthly at this point? orz)

On the songlation front, we've got several updates and some completely new ones:

When I get the chance, I'll get around to providing dedicated posts containing the lyrics here on the blog. Eventually.

While we're talking about music, I've also got several more tracks for you guys to give a listen:
turn it off. (Instr.)
Going Nowhere
Going Nowhere (ElectroLight Mix)
Orient Excitamentum
Orient Excitamentum (Olskool Mix)
LR-Longing (Instr.)
CoMPLeX CiRCuiT (Classic Mix)
Read a Tutorial
Dance a Tutorial
Looking Glass Self
Even if I'm Re-Imagined
Midnight Mind Racer
Cover - Hitori no Yoru
Cover - Fantastic Future
Even if I'm Imaginary (feat. Miku V3E)
Fire Away x Out of My Way
Cover - I Want You to Want Me
Cover - THe Internet is for Porn
Cover - Super Bass (Bro's B-Side)

I'm not sure if I wrote this here yet, but Miku's V3 english bank sounds a bit odd. Sometimes it's hard to tell that it's actually her due to how many changes that were made during the recording process. However, it makes making vocal tracks in english 10x easier, so that's what we're sticking with. Besides, I'm pretty sure you guys don't wanna hear the broken engrish from V2 as I've been using, right? I know I sure as hell don't wanna keep jumping through flaming hoops in phonetic hell trying to program V2...

On the voiceover side of things, we have these guys:

Do you guys remember this? This was one of my first voiceover attempts. Now re-done with the standard of 2013's stuff!

Persona 4 Golden- Visiting Adachi in the TV World
I recently had the idea to connect my Vita using a male-male 1/8th cable and y-cable to my tower so that I could record the output from my Vita, and listen as I was recording. The results were phenomenal. You can listen to what I recorded above. Even if it's just like this... being able to record something from Persona 4 alongside the amazing Laura Bailey, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Yuri Lowenthall makes me quite giddy. (Also, JYB, Yuri, if you guys are too busy to do PersonaQ, I'd gladly help fill in... I gotta eat too!)

BlazBlue - Admonish Me More, Brother! Major Kisaragi Verbal Beratement Vocal Collection
So I hear character vocal CD/MP3 collctions that let you experience what it’s like to be with your favorite character/personality archetype, by listening to them talk your ear off, are all the rage these days.

So, I decided to do one in the style of Major Jin Kisaragi. Now you too can enjoy listening to Jin-nii-sama wherever you go!

I recently did a presentation on voiceover artisry, (yes, that fast talking goof is me,) talking briefly on what it is a voiceover artist does, and a real quick live-recording to show what it's like doing what I do. I also did a bit where I talk about the process involving finding a gig and recording, and if anyone's interested I can upload that for reference. It was really fun getting to talk about one of my passions, and it's always a blast performing for people. We even did a short Q&A session, and I got asked about one of my most embarassing jobs. (I don't have the footage up yet, but when I do I'll make sure to amend this post.)

I think that should be all that I've amassed as of late. If anything, always keep an eye out on the Channel, Newgrounds, and tumblr for new stuff when it comes in!

As I mentioned previously, I've been pretty busy with school. This semester was rather harrowing for the following reasons:
-It's hard to focus on anything in September because my birthday is in October. It doesn't help that NYCC is also in October.
-Speaking of NYCC, you can see some of my shenanigans here, here, and here. (Definitely click that last link, it's totally worth it.)
-Once my birthday came, it was right into NYCC, then midterms, then other family birthdays, then Halloween. Just like that, October came and went in a flash.
-Around November, I started getting sick. It wasn't so bad, but it was hard to keep up with anything other than school and work. By the end of November, I was experiencing these crazy headaches and flu-like symptoms, and my car broke down. Even better is that I got locked out of my home one night due to the cylinder in the door malfunctioning.
-It's now December, the headaches have become an almost daily thing now, and finals are coming up. Also, I still don't have a car. It's been pretty rough.

On the bright side, getting stranded on campus gives me lots of time to catch up on gaming or homework. Plus, I recently got myself a PSP Go and decked it out with a wicked blue case. I've been having a blast catching up on Project DIVA extend while waiting for f. (It's finally coming out in english for VITA yessssssss!) I also got Zelda: A Link Between Worlds the day it came out. Cleared it 98% in one weekend! (I was missing the last 4 heart pieces. I finally figured them out though right after I recorded my playthroughs of extend.) I started up a Hero Mode/no shield run too, but I stopped after getting the Master Sword so that I could focus on finals.

... or at least, that was the plan, until I decided to start up P4G again. Then I stopped mid-January so that I could focus on school for realsies this time.

So yeah... I've been kinda busy. It's really hard to work on stuff when it feels like your head's about to start mass producing robots and stuff, but I'll make it through. (Hopefully!) Hopefully by the time the new year rolls around, I'll have all sorts of awesome stuff ready for you guys to enjoy, like the songlation for MELANCHOLIC, the X4 Redub, and even more awesome voiceover shenanigans!

... so hurry up and get better you lame-o ass body! I got stuff to do!

'Til next time Space Cowboys.

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