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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm not popular, so I'll take music from anime and make them singable in english

Truth be told, I actually finished this back in August. However, I like using the official off vocal ver. do these when I can, so here we are.

I find tough, to conversate 'bout stuff
I think that something is up...
Am I dumb?

Whenever I walk home always going solo
Can't ever bring myself to let people know
Sitting and waiting around don't change a thing!

I see!
This here's the start of things...

Everything's simple when it comes to the net
it's been so long since I've my had to use my voi-blergh
Whether it's rain or shine it don't change a thing

I know!
It's really not my fault this time!

So what if I'm not busy?
So what if I'm all alone?
If I just get serious
I'll be popular yet!

Oh mirror mirror can you tell me why you're falling off the wall?
Please no more! I can't take anymore!
Oh mirror mirror think your honesty has gone a little far...
Just pretend you don't hear me!

Why is it that you never reflect all the beauty of my heart?
In your head, it's just all in your head
Why is it that the only me reflected looks so friggin' lame?!
Truth is all that you're seeing

Just like today, tomorrow'll be the same
I think I know what is up...
I'm just dumb

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