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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I travel the world, and the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something.

(WARNING: This is an embed-heavy post. Tread with caution and awe!)

It's that time again! Time for (Un)BalNz'D's obligatory "I didn't update for a month so I'll just cram everything into a single post" monthly post!

Let's kick it off with the stuff that you're most likely actually here for:

I've uploaded quite a few tracks to NewGrounds, so hit that link and check 'em out! Alternatively, there's a couple you can listen to at the YouTube channel under the usual "Muzak" playlist. (Not that many as the NewGrounds account though, so don't get your hopes up.)

As for the channel, here's a few new (relatively speaking) videos:

And that should be it, content-wise. Now, let's get onto the fun stuff:

It's no mystery that things have REALLY slowed down here. Normally, it's just me getting caught up in real life stuff, or a REAAAAAALLY good game or two. But as of late, things have been truly and absolutely hectic. I normally don't enjoy talking about my personal life, but I feel I owe the people who actually regularly visit an explanation of my absence. (And apparently, you folks truly do exist. I have had the pleasure to meet you in person and it makes me really happy to hear with my own two ears how much you guys appreciate my stuff. Really, I'm touched.)

In short, I've been going through a lot of changes in my personal life. The most notable examples include integrating myself into a new workplace and helping my relative move out so that they can begin college. I've also been doing a couple odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. Thankfully, things have finally begun to calm down a little, so I finally have time to actually start making stuff again.

However, it'll be a bit before we'll see anything new here due to the following:
-I've finally managed to save up enough to upgrade my crappy old headset. I won't be recording anything new until the new mic comes in.
-Miku's english voicebank is FINALLY coming out, so I'm going to hold off on putting out any more tracks that will feature her until I get my hands on it. (And you can be damned sure I'm gonna pick that up.)

In the meantime, I've got a lot of fun stuff in the works, like a new songlation right on the heels of the X4 songlation, and special voiceover project I've been meaning to do for quite some time. (Hint-hint: One's gotta do with an eroge. One has to do with a old videogame series. Whatever could they be?!)

While you wait, here's some fun stories of what else I've been up to:

As of late, I've been doing a lot of gaming. (As if I don't already do a lot. =p) I got to catch up on a few titles on my to-do list:

I finally got into (and caught up with) the BlazBlue series. (See vid above.) As fun as sister series Guilty Gear was, BlazBlue is just fantastic in terms of... everything. I feel some of the english voices are kinda off though... like Jin and Hazama's.

Custom Robo was another on that list.

These games fill the void in my heart that Virtual-On left. Playing through Arena has been an absolute blast. Thought the overworld sprites' walking animation looked really dippy though.

Speaking of great DS titles, I've also started up Dragon Quest IX.

In truth, I haven't played a Dragon Quest since III, but I figured I'd waited long enough to play another. So worth it. As a kid, I played III non-stop until the cart broke down. (It was a sad, sad day.) I think I played through IX with the same kind of zeal. This game is really, really hard to put down. It's also surprisingly dramatic. Despite the "light and fluffy" feel the game typically gives off, there are a LOT of points where I had to stop playing and collect myself after an emotional point in the story. And then there's the bosses who are high octane nightmare fuel... But otherwise, this game is fantastic, and it's a shame I waited to start playing this.

Between DQIX, Custom Robo Arena, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (no screencaps for that though, sorry), my DS has been my current go-to system, an honor previously held by my Vita (and my copies of P4G, MGS:HD, and DJMAX Technika Tune).

Speaking of Technika, I'm kinda peeved that Technika Tune doesn't carry certain DJMAX classics, like "Ladymade Star". In general, I wish certain songs like "Sweet Dream" and "Stay With Me" were available for more than just one game.

Thankfully, I can cure my fix for "Ladymade Star" and "Sweet Dream" at the local Technika 3 machine. (I can't believe I actually found one that's nearby!) I kinda wish that the card that came with my copy of Technika Tune was for 3 instead of 2 though... (On the bright side, it has Sena and Lumi from Sweet Dream on it, so it's not a total loss.)

Since my DS is currently the "active" handheld at the moment, I should probably also catch up on stuff I haven't played in a while, like Dengeki Gakuen: Cross of Venus SPECIAL.

I'm not going to lie, the main reason I played the game was because of Shana.

Speaking of Shana, I still have yet to finish the the gallery for Shana DS.

Otherwise, a great deal of my gaming time has gone into emulation. My computer doesn't just handle my audio projects, it's also a mini-arcade. I'm a huge fan of the arcade scene; being in an arcade is one of my favoritest places to be. So every once in a while, the gang comes over and we do some arcade gaming using my desktop.

We'll also bust out some classics on non-arcade systems.

While not exactly an arcade, game nights still contain an atmosphere that's just as exciting and competitive.

Other gaming catch-up includes finishing that playthrough of MGS that I started on my PSP eons ago, some time with Max Payne 1 for PC, and trying to emulate Kinnikuman: Muscle Grand Prix 2 Tokumori.

In the midst of all the gaming, I've also found time to finally crack open some of my unopened figures.
I really want the Ultimate X and Bass/Treble figures... they look absolutely fantastic! (By the way, extra credit if you can figure out which MegaMan game each pic is referencing. PROTIP: The game they're referencing comes from the same series the characters are from.)

I also got myself a figma of Stella from BRS: The Game. I got her right after I finished the game. The game itself was kinda short, but it was amazing.

Lastly, but not the least... I got to go to AnimeNEXT 2013!

I cosplayed again. Apparently, cosplaying the protag. of Persona 4 is beginning to become a "thing".

It was fun. I got to flirt with a bunch of the cosplayers while we were both in-character, which made for a lot of entertaining scenes. I also did impersonations for anyone that asked for a photo, and got tons of positive feedback. I actually got called Johnny Yong Bosch a few times (again!), which really boosted my mood. One thing that surprised me though was that a handful of people actually recognized my voice. It was surprising and thrilling.

But one of the best moments at the con was running into this awesome Yukiko cosplayer.
She was one of the best I'd seen, and had a great sense of humor. She had a Teddie plush toy with her, so I simply had to do a "scoring with Yuki-chan" joke with my best Teddie impersonation. I think it went rather well.

Another was wandering into the gaming room and playing some P4 Arena. It was pretty funny, seeing people react to a cosplayer winning with the character they were playing as. One person in the crowd even muttered, "You can't beat Sensei..." In that moment, I think my cosplay just levelled up.

The gang and I saw a lot of cool cosplayers, sat in for some interesting booths, and watched some JoJo and Ikki Tousen. Then there was that guy at the vendors trying to peddle his H-manga... I also grabbed me that Labrys figma I've been eyeing for the longest time. Personally, the convention was kinda small side, and something that I wouldn't mind missing unless I could go with my friends. Really, my friends make a world of difference with their endless supply of wit and referencial humor.

Overall, it was a fun trip. Also, I've really grown attatched to this cosplay, and if possible, I'll try to reprise it again if I can make it to NYCC 2013.

... so that's what I've been up to as of late. Not much else to say, other than see you next month space cowboys!


  1. Glad to see ya having fun. Always do your best!

    PS: Loved RTFM.