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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because I'm lonely! lonely! Sometimes at night I fall apart I don't know why!

I completely forgot that none of the older songlations ever had their lyrics posted. If y'all ever stumble across one of my Songlation videos without a link back to the blog, then lemme know so I can (eventually) get around to posting the lyrics for y'all.

This time, we'll be bringing back an old favorite, "Hitori no Yoru" by Porno Graffitti (a.k.a. GTO Opening 2):

Some love songs are said to be
written for a single person but it seems to me
one million people relate easily
and with the way that I'm feelin' that just ain't for me

always bein' told what to do
like it's easy all I gotta do is pick one
easy love, easy come, easy go

All of the hype 'bout the future's whack
it's a lot more down to earth than what I've seen in my mind
it'll be a while until we all see
some kinda funky flying futuristic cars in the sky

Tonight I'll be
by myself alone on the train
Even though I'm sitting
here next to a face with no name

Because I'm

Lonely lonely sometimes at night
I fall apart I don't know why
Lonely lonely just trying to keep
the orignal love shared between you and me

I wish I could forget
about the parts inside of my heart
that have to do with love

love me love me even when the heart is weak or strong
kiss me kiss me on a lonely night I'm up all long

And as a bonus, a cover of the song in japanese:

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