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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tally Ho!

BRS: The game post-game musings:

-Nana is an ass.
-Stella is just too adorable. IMO she's probably the best Black Rock Shooter version, ever.
-I liked the 1st outfit better. Wings are cool on robots, which Stella isn't. However, I don't like that the 1st outfit is the only outfit that generates an extra 5% more heat when dodging.
-I wish the figma was based on the 1st outfit, and that they actually released the Black Trike from Operation Piggy Ninja. The Black Trike is the coolest thing ever.

-I really liked fighting MZMA on the bike. It was actually pretty fun.
-Nana is an ass.
-I wish there was a set of missions dedicated to the Brunhild. Considering how awesome the bike sections were during the New York City chapter, I'm sure they could've come up with something cool...
-I sorta wish you weren't nailed to the ground whenever you fired the Rock Cannon.
-I wish that the black blade wasn't just a skill. ._.
-Nana is an ass.
-Why is it that every cutscene accurately reflects your outfit, but always shows my weapon as the 1st rock cannon?
-Wish they developed certain characters a little bit better. Not asking for a Metal Gear Solid-esque expos. that lasts forever, but some characters' apperances were like watching a car on a freeway: "There they are, and now they're gone".
-On the other hand, I am amazed at how much character Stella shows and develops within the short campaign. Her reactions within the post-game scenarios are priceless too.
-Between the game, the TV series, and the OAV, I think I derived the most enjoyment out of this game. Stella totally kicks the TV series' Black Rock Shooter to the curb. (Then again, that's something half the cast did throughout the show...)
-Nana is an ass.
-Stella feels so much like a MegaMan character, with elements from MegaMan, X, and Zero. The scenario feels a bit like the first Zero. You know, "a long-haired amnesiac savior awakens to a post-apocalyptic future"?
-Nana reminds me of Liquid Snake. A jealous ass clone.
-Nana is an ass.

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