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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going nowhere

... as in, "I'm here to stay and showcase my skills to the world, regardless of what anybody else thinks, because I know that I'm good, and I'm sure there are others who would agree."

... is what I would like to say. But shenanigans IRL have really taken their toll on me as of late. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'm really tuckered out. This is why things have mostly ground to a halt on my end.

I really do want to continue what I do. Really. But I really do wonder who actually bothers to listen to what I do. Honestly, it's kind of sad that a video I made as a joke gets far more attention than anything else I've ever done in terms of either music of voiceover artistry.

Make no mistake, I still truly love recording and producing audio works. At the end of the day though, it feels like I'm the only one having fun. And if I'm the only one having fun with this, then what's the point in sharing my work with others?

Between this smothering self-doubt as (Un)BalNz'D and my issues as myself (which will remain undisclosed), it's pretty hard to find the will to pick up my headset again and get back at it.

I think the best way to explain the state I'm in at the moment, would be the word "awkward". I'm in a very awkward phase at the moment. I might drop off the face of the planet again for a while as I've been known to do. It might be longer than usual, too.

Or maybe I just need to pull myself back up by the bootstraps again and show that I'm here to stay and showcase my skills to the world, regardless of what anybody else thinks.

As of right now, I feel as though I'm "going nowhere". How that's to be interpreted, still remains to be seen.

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