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Monday, March 4, 2013

So just hang tight, we'll kick it off right.

Songlation for Lamaze-P's song "Mischevious Function". This was actually written up 2 years ago... I don't know why I waited to so long to record it. Huh.

So always know that I love you

So please just take me and kiss me
I'll never forget about you
'cause you're my precious memory

Dorayaki's fine but only if it's for one day
So ditch your common sense and come with me
I promise we'll be okay

All the time I've got my eye on you
Count on me your backup's here for you

Left or right we're stuck at a crossroad
I want to know which way you're going to go

Are you paying attention to me?
My birthday is coming soon you see

Could you stop playing your games with me
Quit relying on the crutch called destiny

stuttered beats of your heart they tell a tale through morse code
did you know it's pretty hard for me to tune into your mixed signals?

So just have a little patience just you see
good things will come eventually

So just hang tight we'll kick it off right

Are you ready?

I can hear the beeping of the alarm piercing my dream
But could you just let me sleep just a moment more?
I don't have get up so just give me five
or maybe just ten minutes more

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