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Monday, February 18, 2013

Place your hand in mine, I'll leave when I wanna.

Let's play the ketchup catch-up game!

The YouTube channel hasn't exactly gotten much love lately, so here's something to break the silence this project has created:

If possible, I wanna work some of the other commercials. But first, I wanna wrap up all the stuff on my to-do list. Like "Polaroid". How long has it been since I started on working "Polaroid"?! Oh, Polaroid is done by the way:

I can't believe I let this sit for so long. ._.

And while we're on the subject of music, check these out too:

Polaroid (Instrumental)
refractions (Retro Mix)
refractions (Simply Keys Mix)
ShootingStar (Instrumental)
ShootingStar (Olskool Mix)
Your/My/Our Thing (Retro Mix)
Writing You a Song (WIP)
Chase the Dawn (WIP)
Chase the Dawn (Retro Mix)
Missing Piece
Missing Piece (Instrumental)
Stood Up
Stood Up (Instrumental)

-At the top of the list, we have Polaroid's instrumental, followed by a few remixes of "refractions", which is almost done, along with "ShootingStar". Both need to have their lyrics tuned, then programmed into Miku.
-"Your/My/Our Thing" is a new song, the lyrics are still in the works.
-"Writing You a Song" is actually a pretty old piece that I'm working on updating.
-"Chase the Dawn" is another one of those "wake up, bang out beat, back to sleep" songs, along with "Missing Piece" and "Stood Up".
-"Stood Up" was composed on Valentine's day, and is about a person in a relationship with a person who is "distant". However, that degree of distance is up to the listeners to interpret...
-"Missing Piece" was written around the same time as "Stood Up", and was actually supposed to be a provocative piece... but it ended up turning into a geeky love song. =p

Lastly, I finally got around to posting all my recent(maybe) doodles onto deviantART, so if you wanna check 'em out, head on over. One piece I'd reccomend checking out in particular is this little thing I did for Valentine's Day, featuring Ocelot from MGS.

And I think that's about it? Oh yeah, to all you facebook-er's, if you wanna like us on FaceBook, turns out you can. Thanks to whoever did that! ;)

In other news, I guess I'll officially announce it here: I'm ALSO working on an english audio adaptation of the EXE Movie, along with youtuber AsianChiq23 and the musician Ive$, amongst others. It'll be a bit though, since the team's currently swamped with IRL stuff and school. =p

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