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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Figure Funtography: A New Hope

And now for another installment of Figure Funtography! This time, here's some stuff around the room that I haven't gotten around to showcasing yet:

On the left, we've got a copy of the first WILDCATS autographed by comic legend Jim Lee! I got this as a gift from my uncle a very, very long time ago. He's a humungous comic buff, and passed it down when he learned that I was getting into comics too. On the right, we have production art of Zero from MegaMan X7, autographed by Canadian VA Lucas Gilbertson, who played him in X8, Command Mission, and Maverick Hunter X. I think he was the best Zero, hands down. I won this from the MegaMan Network a while back, and by doing an impersonation of Lucas no less!

Back in the day, they used to sell mini-scale figurines of the vehicles seen in Dragon Ball Z. I was really excited to get Trunks', since I thought he was hella cool back then. I also remember having Freezer's little pod thing he flew around in on Namek, and Kami's spaceship that was used by Bulma and the gang... No idea where they went though. =/

Took this a while back. Another shot of Pirohiko's winsome philisophy, from Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger vs. DarkDeath Evilman.

As you can see, the shelf is getting rather crowded... I'm beginning to wonder where I should start sticking all my stuff... Extra credit points if you can ID some of the stuff on there!

Back in November, a friend of mine whom I hadn't spoken to in a while asked me what I'd been up to. Normally, I'd say to read the blog, but seeing as how I don't exactly update as much as I used to, I figured I'd get creative with my answer. So, I took a picture of all the stuff I'd amassed during the month, and sent him the above shot.

Here's another angle so that you can the entirety of the pile. Extra credit if you can ID this stuff too!

Growing up, the first and second seasons of the EXE anime were my favorite, as well as the 2nd and 3rd games in the series, and what better way to represent that than with merch. that was released from around that time? Above is the Plug-In PET, based on the model used in the 3rd game and anime, and the Normal Style Rockin' Action Figure. Behind MegaMan is Rush, whom he came packaged with. I've actually had MegaMan for quite some time, and played with him so much I had to glue his leg together at one point. The PET came into my posession not to long ago. I got it from the Philippines, where the anime also used to air. (The tagalog dub actually got much farther then the English one did!)

This is the Rockin' Action Saito Style figure. I actually wrote about this particular one a while back.

Black Rock Shooter just a-chillin' on my shelf. Doesn't look like it's her day though...

Backstage party at the (Un)BalNz'D Channel's news studio.

Finally got around to playing through Akihiko's storyline in P4U. I found this so funny I had to take a shot.

I never knew how absolutely destructive the Variable Sword could be until my second run through EXE 2. Inspired by my EXE 2 folder, I decided to stick a few in my EXE 5 folder. (I had been playing both around the same time.) Turns out the chip got nerfed starting with EXE 4... at least the Neo-Variable Sword can fill in the gap within my heart...

The closest I'll get to Rock and Roll on my 3DS for now... *Sob*

I think this shot came out rather nice. It would work great for a promo shot...

The Yujin-SR Volnutt's design is based on Legends 2, much like the rest of his appearances. I think the figure came out great, although the leg joints leave much to be desired. ... nowhere as beautiful as Score's mold though.

Volnutt wonders if there'd be room for him in UMvC3... turns out there wasn't.

Volnutt reminiscing about his last playable appearance.

"Oh look! There I am!"

"Sometimes I wonder if he's doing this on purpose..."

Set of Weis Schwartz cards I got in the city. Blessed by the hands of my friend, I got a pretty good draw. I mean, Melonpan-Shana, Enpatsu-Shana, Hecate, Fumina, Lingerie!Margery Daw, and Wilhemina? Right on!

The "Tell Your World" EP is nothing short of gorgeous (both in terms of presentation and content). Oh kz, you never fail to impress.

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