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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SaitoStyle? More like, SaiyakuStyle

Been a while, huh? Been pretty busy IRL. Here's a funny story:

As we all probably know, I am madly infatuated with the RockMan.EXE anime. However, when the first season came out, I wasn't able to get most of the merch. because I was only a kid, and it didn't help that I didn't live in Japan. So for practically a decade, I had dreamed about getting the Saito Style Rockin' Action figure. EXE 2 was my favorite EXE game, and having the Saito Style figure would totally drive that point home. Fast forward to now: I'm the midst of replaying EXE 2, and I just got my third star, with the fourth on it's heels. I'm only a few steps away from getting the style in-game.

While browsing the net, I just happen to find the figure, and it's the fully painted version too! You can just imagine ecstatic I was. I finally got the figure in yesterday. Problem: the damn thing falls apart as soon as I remove it from the box:

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed. It took me hours, but I finally managed to glue 'im back together:

I talked with the guy, and he told me it was brand spankin' new. When I got the figure in, I realized what a load of crap THAT was, considering the figure came with the hands and head already changed, and all the tape that's usually in place when the figure's initially shipped was mostly severed.

However, after some correspondance, I figured the seller had no clue that the figure he bought was damaged. Couldn't blame him, considering how joint damage isn't exactly conspicuous.

*Sigh* The woes of being a figure collector.

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