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Saturday, November 10, 2012

I wish upon the stars ripping right on through the darkness

I really like Black Rock Shooter. I find it amazing how far the series has come considering it started off as a simple (gorgeous) illustration by huke, followed by an amazing song written by ryo. And now it's got tons of figures, an OVA, a TV series, and even a game (which NIS needs to hurry up and release already). Can you believe it?

Black Rock Shooter wherever did you go?
Can you hear me cry out?

So can you tell me how much more that I must scream aloud?
So can you tell me how many more tears must hit the ground?
Please I can't take much more it's not like I've elsewhere to run
now that the world that I've dreamed of is no longer more

In a place without even a trace of light
upon a broken road, desolate and destroyed
Where hope hasn't bloomed since days long past
a feeling grows within my chest
I haven't felt in so long

Tell me please

Black Rock Shooter
nostalgic memories
I'll reminisce of times of bliss, and smile wistfully
Black Rock Shooter
even moving's just so hard
I wish upon the stars ripping right on through the dark-
-ness just for one more chance to run towards tomorrow

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