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Monday, November 12, 2012

Do you wonder why the sky is a blue hue while the trees are a green shade?

Around the time I was in middle school (I think), one of my favorite songs to listen to was Kibou no Kakera. I don't know how or why, but Nana Kitade's name came into mind the other day and it made me think of this song. It ended up becoming another one of my impulse projects, and within a day, it was done. (I think this one was easier to do because the tone of the lyrics are surprisingly reminiscent of my own these days.)

But because I liked the song so much, I felt it deserved some eye candy for when I'd upload it to YouTube, so I ended up staying up all night working on a cool video using footage from the Black Rock Shooter TV series...

If I tell you what I'm about to
promise me one thing: that you won't laugh
It's a wild tale of this whimsical world, wonderful and vast

Do you wonder why the sky is a
blue hue while the trees are a green shade?
why the sun
shining so bright illuminates the world, even from space?

Kinda sorta maybe probably
clearly define most definitely
things like this that cannot be grasped within words or hands
it transcends things that you think you understand

That's why
I'll choose chasing things like my hopes and dreams
realize a world of my dreams and desires
you could say my head is in the clouds, but I know somehow
just a bit further, I can see and reach and seize the stars

There's no time to cry, hiding tearful eyes
surface from the sea of the tears you might drown in
because I'll be honest with you, when you smile you look cute, y'know?
yet there's still so much more I want you to know

Oh yeah, here's an alternate cut for those who'd rather associate it with the opening to THAT series...

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  1. The Sky is blue, the trees are Green.
    Blood is red, but octopus blood is blue.

    Therefore, octopus blood is sky.