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Friday, October 12, 2012

I love this music, you are nervous miracle super speeder

So, it's been a while, yeah? First and foremost, I've got some tunes for you:

Yuu Yuu Hakusho is one of my favorite anime, so when I recently stumbled upon All That Jazz's cover for Smile Bomb, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Shooting Star (WIP) by (Un)BalNz'D

Another new song I'm working on. Still working on lyrics...

I made this for Miku's 5th anniversary. 5 years... has it really been that long?

As always, I've been keeping real busy. I have a ton of ideas that I'd like to work on, but no time or will to work on any of 'em. ._.

As of late, I've really been growing distant from my creative side. I don't know whether I'd consider myself "burned out", or "hardly hot". Sometimes I think it kinda sucks working on all this stuff by myself all the time... but then again, it's kinda rewarding when I put something out, and I can say that it's 100% me.

But I feel that it just isn't enough. =/ I mean, Speed Racer had a group of like, 4 people doing all the voices and whatnot, so I figure a channel where 1 person does all the voices would cool too, right?

... right...? ._.

Maybe I'm just being silly. I mean, that's nothing new. *Sigh*

Then again, maybe it just feels like it's taking forever to get stuff done because I take on a lot, so the accumulated backlog of projects becomes rather intimidating... there's still a LOT I'd like to do, I'm probably just frustrated because I can't do it as fast as I like. Bleh!

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