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Sunday, August 5, 2012

In the spirit of friendship day...

... here's a story about friends. Friends who get girlfriends, friends who get jealous, and friends who blow each other off and/or up:


(I've never fallen in love!)
(You're a traitor, my friend!)
(You've got a girlfriend!)
(Ooh, wow, wo-wo-wow!)

Is this what it's like to have a girlfriend?
Since we've started going out, 3 months have already elapsed!
and I'm afraid to hold hands (seriously?)
Seriously. (Seriously whack.)
My stress is building up inside my head and in my pants!

my so-called friend how could you leave me behind?
I've been single the same number of years that I've been alive!
No sympathy!
(Dude, help me out!)
No way no way!
Me spoiling you wouldn't be right!

Is it so much to ask that you send a daily text?
didn't you promise to call every night before bed?
which is more important to you me or your friends?!

Jeez, what a pain.
(I see what you're gettin' at.)
Is this what girlfriends are like?

(Baby boy) Birthdays and Christmas
(Slaving boy) and anniversaries
(you're my boy) a present every week

even with you working part time
she'd suck you dry
it serves you right!

(Baby boy) spontaneously sulking
(Slaving boy) and now she's started to cry
(you're my boy) is this what they call
mu-mu-muh mu-mu-muh mutual love?!

I am totally green with envy that he has a girlfriend and
I wish from the bottom of my heart they'd blow up
If you're gonna go and sit around and make out with each other
please don't do it in front of me
you jerk...

I've finally caught the girlfriend of my dreams
oh when it comes to love I swear I'm gonna be the king

don't know much 'bout girls in 3D
We are Cherry Boys

Alright tonight's the night I'll get inside and cause a SPARK!

Even if you try to avoid her all day
you should know that between now and then that things won't be the same
do you want her?
(go shut your face)
Don't know if I can do this...
(You don't make any sense!)

hold on while get my nails done could you please wait?
I'm sorry but I'm gonna be half an hour late
by the way could you please line up for me for a cake?

is this how it's gonna be?
(that's what a boyfriend does I guess?)
is this what we want in life?

(Baby boy) whenever I joke with her
(Slaving boy) she responds somewhat late
(you're my boy) Maybe I just have to hang tough

maybe it just means that you both aren't that compatible

(Baby boy) For the first time in my life
(Slaving boy) I succeded in love
(you're my boy) it's important to me
mu-mu-muh mu-mu-muh mutual love!

(la la la la...)

(ooh, wow, wo-wo-wow)

But even when we hang it's like your head it just isn't there
and when I turn around you're always fiddling with your phone
I'll admit that I'm jealous that you have a girlfriend but
don't you think something seems off?

(Baby boy) well to be honest with you
(Slaving boy) simply being with you
(you're my boy) is much more fun

weird rumors will circulate if you don't stop there, my friend!

(Baby boy) For the first time in my life
(Slaving boy) I succeded in love (I've never fallen in love)
(you're my boy) it's important to have
mu-mu-muh mu-mu-muh mutual love!

my first love
(on the usual way to school)
lazily trudging home
(did I fall in love?)
together we cannot fly
mu-mu-mu-muh muh, mutual love

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