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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ultimate Os-Uchuujin Forever

Okay, now I'm done making multiple revisions to this song (And wow, I can't believe it took me so long to realize that I only translated half the title):


A second year, idiot on her own
her gaze is always fixed towards the city sky
A truant student, wearing pajamas still
before the summer came, bid her schoolyear goodbye

A self-proclaimed alien hailing from the planet earth
But in space in a waiting room waiting was something strange
and by something strange I mean you

Wondering if I could be recieved
Can someone out there connect with me
Everybody else just ignores me
But surprisingly I found you standing over there and staring at me

Sending feelings by telepathy
Even if mixed signals are recieved
It's still something so the bottom line of it all is that
I am seriously in love with you

I wonder are you out there and can you recieve
Me I'm just over here worrying
But you've remained at my side even after all we've been through
and for that I love you

I'm pretty sure the only one on my wavelength would be you

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