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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Ab)Using my mic.

So I just found this thing... and I thought it was pretty cool.

I ended up making a ton of recording while messing around:

Beavis and Butthead, and Principal McVicker, and Mr. Anderson
Hank Hill
"Settle down Beavis"
Dan Green (If you have to ask where the "Cluck like a chicken" thing comes from, you don't need to know.)
Vegeta wants a drying cloth
Vegeta is a warrior not a variety of flower
Trunks talks to Vegeta about his mustache
Metal Gear Awesome
More Metal Gear Awesome
Random Snake quotes
Travis Touchdown's 1st monologue (Somewhat NSFW)
Travis and Henry's brief exchange (NSFW)
Dante and Vergil's last dialogue
Dante should've filled her dark soul with light
Zero contemplates what he's fighting for as Iris dies in his arms

Oh, and there's these too:

Good day. Over.

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