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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here it comes! The Monthly Roundup!

I really, really need to stop being so damn lazy with this thing. Apparently, people DO read this thing (and for that, I sincerely thank you since you are probably the only reason why this blog exists), and for any newbies to the (Un)BalNz'D Project, I apologize that my update schedule is so incredibly erratic.

So here's what you may have missed since our last linkdump:


Something I've been wanting to do, is make a voiceover track for old games that never got one in english or otherwise. X2 is one of my favorite games, and this scene in particular is one of my favorite scenes. Truth be told, I've only fought Zero probably once just to see what it was like, since I've always made sure to fix up Zero in all of my playthroughs. On another note, Zero's theme in this game is one of my favorite videogame themes, next to "Departure" from Zero 2, so you can imagine I was quite thrilled to hear it remixed for MvC3. Personally, I think it was chosen because the theme was composed by Yuki Iwai, who did the composition for most of the Vs. game themes, so it would've easily meshed with the rest.

My friend and I were talking about Metal Gear and voiceovers, and I decided to show him my Liquid and Ocelot impersonations. I wanna do the scene from MG2 with Gray Fox next!

I'm currently working on a montage of 90's PSX games that I used to play the hell out of as a kid. Ehrgeiz is one such game, and Inoba's ending in particular used to make me laugh. It still amuses me to this day, so I decided to use it for the montage. I found that it synched with the music quite nicely, so I decided to see what would happened if I looped it. Turns out it still fit rather nicely.

Did you know that I have a harmonica? I'm not very good at it though. (Though I have to admit, that's not so surprising considering I hardly ever play it.)

My latest WIP. Still thinking about what I wanna do with this.

This is another one of those Damnit-I-can't-get-this-song-out-of-my-head-so-I'll-cover-it-so-I-get-sick-of-it covers. Oh, I also have a BandCamp page now. Surprise!

Speaking of BandCamp, I have my own quasi-album up there, called "No Need for Words". It's a collection of a couple of my instrumentals, including off vocal versions of my songs that contain lyrics (and maybe a surprise or two). If you've been following my work then you've probably already heard everything on here, but you should still check it out since I've finally named my tracks, so see if you can guess which is which!

Have you ever heard the song "Hot Problems" by Double Take? Don't, it's horrible. But being the smartass that I am, I decided to write a song that says, "if these sucky people can be famous by making sucky music, maybe I should try making sucky music too!"

I think that's about it content wise. As always, reality likes to keep me busy, though this time is a bit of a special case:

The basic gist of it is, new job, computer gets sick, then I get sick. Here's a picture of me dealing with my virus issues:

OK, I'm going to lie back down now.

Side-note: Do not like Blogger's redesign. HTML mode no longer automatically adds in line breaks. =/

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