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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Even if people don't believe in you, that doesn't mean you don't exist. Santa knows what I'm sayin'.

Time for the monthly update:

Gameplay of DBKai: Ultimate Butouden. Despite being titled DBKai, the story mode covers the Buu Saga too, as well as the Bardock special and 2 of the Broly movies.

More gameplay of DBKai: Ultimate Butouden. I think there's some unspoken rule that games that contain the words "Dragon", "Ball", and "Butouden" in the title aren't allowed to come stateside.

Here's an old tune I published at the cloud, now looped a couple times for your listening pleasure. I think I'll put the rest of my music on the Tube since the Cloud is out of space.

Finished covering the MetalMan track. I have HardMan's on deck.

I think I messed up the audio quality either while recording, or while trying to do the vocal effects. Hell, maybe I messed it up by doing both.

Surprisingly enough, I've yet to cover this myself. On another note, the last two covers were done in Japanese simply because I felt like it.

Stupid little video I made to poke fun at how frustrating MegaMan games can be. Since I have the FMVs ripped from Disc 1 and 2, maybe I should do a version about fighting a boss.

And last but not least, my entry for RockMiyabi's (somewhat) annual Valentine's contest at RockMan Perfect Memories.

That should be about it. I do have one more new thing, but it's contest-related so it'll be under wraps until the contest results come in.

'til then:

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