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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I miss having a computer.

I've been moving. That's why there hasn't been any real updates around here. Any new content was material that was completed before I packed up, and uploaded using internet connections other than my own.

So here's what trickled out while I was M.I.A.:

RockMan World II - Intro (Guitar Cover) by (Un)BalNz'D
Both this track and the following track are leftovers from my old HDD that I dug up. This piece in particular originally had a crappy percussion track that I replaced with the percussion track from the cover I did of this song in FL.

RockMan World II - Ending (Guitar Cover) by (Un)BalNz'D
Unlike the track above, this track comes as it was found on the HDD.

I Breathe by (Un)BalNz'D
This is a product of "let's sit down and make a song". I think I should go back and tweak the electric keyboard segment a bit though. It seems a bit off.

2011-1110a by (Un)BalNz'D
While tinkering with an old MIDI project, I came up with two instrumentals that used a particular riff as the main riff. I liked how both came out, but I couldn't have a song that used the same exact riff as another one, so I ended up having to come up with a new segment from scratch. It was a rather odd process because it had to match the bassline and note pattern of the original. But, I managed to do it, and it became this song.

2011-0702 by (Un)BalNz'D
This is the track that contains the segment that ended up getting removed from the other track. I think it sounded absolutely a-mazing in this one, and resulted in a beautiful sound that I wouldn't dare to change.

This was made for Capcom-Unity's "Unleash Your Un-Ultimate" contest, I decided to poke fun at X's exclusion from MvC3 and UMvC3 (at the time it was published). But sadly, it wasn't approved (much like X himself har har). Current events make me want to do a follow-up to this video.

... when I get my computer back. Bluh.

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