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Friday, September 2, 2011

An act of thinking is terrible to stop

Can't seem to come up with a decent original composition in FL... so here's a handful of short riffs, along with an updated version of "Complex Circuit" made in FL, and a track made in FamiTracker:

2011-0719a by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0722c by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0723a by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0724 by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0726 by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0730 by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0805 by (Un)BalNz'D

2011-0902 by (Un)BalNz'D
Complex Circuit by (Un)BalNz'D

Enter the Hero by (Un)BalNz'D

Side-note: Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath EvilMan is officially one of the greatest PSP games ever. So ungodly hard, but so rewarding. ZHP also nabs tons of extra credit for featuring Shana and Kirino in both the japanese AND english release.

Side-side-note: Speaking of handheld games, The World Ends With You is one of the greatest games for the DS. However, pinvolution can sometimes be zetta slow.

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