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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Selfish Request

New song:

Departure from my usual poppy-rock style. I kinda like it.

Ironically enough, I wrote this song because I finished a story I've been following.

A story is comparitve to a life. When a story ends, it's almost like a life ends. When I finish games or anime, it's almost watching a life end. I don't like saying goodbye to characters and a story I've grown so fond of. I have a pile of anime and games incomplete because I don't want them to end. I have a bunch of projects that I've left incomplete because they give something to do. In a sense, they give my life purpose. Without something to work on my life loses meaning, which is why I enjoy doing the things I do.

But that's not to say this song doesn't apply to people too, because it does.

I really don't like saying goodbye. I find myself saying "I'll see you later", or something else other than goodbye. It gives me the hope that I'll see that person again. In truth, I'm a very lonely person. As anti-social as may act in real life sometimes, I really do enjoy the company of others. I find the idea of misanthropes (emphasis on the plural) funny because they're people who have come come together to hate people, yet they're still people who have come toegether.

Maybe it's selfish, but I don't like parting with anything that makes me happy. My childhood, friends, family, games, and even anime. But I can't help wanting what I want.

A goodbye means parting with something. Sometimes it means parting with something that's made me happy. That's why I don't like the sound of goodbye.

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