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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inside a mind of the crazy kind

I've been kinda busy. Kinda. I've honestly lost a bit wind in the sails for anything I've been working on lately, which is why things have grounded to a near halt.

And with the news of Capcom cancelling development on Legends 3, my creative willpower has taken a serious nosedive.

On the bright side, I've picked up P4 again and I've been having a blast. I'm officially dedicating my entire in-game summer to Rise. And it's not because she's diabetes-inducingly-sweet, but because her S.Link totally hits home with me.

Oh, and I've played the demo for Catherine too. That game is seriously hard. The story seems wicked, but the puzzles are just bluh. I can imagine how frustrating the game gets as you grind onward. Seriously contemplating about getting it or saving my sanity.

So yeah. Back to what I was doing:

Side-note: ATLUS, when are you bringing another Kenka Banchou stateside?!

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