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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battle Operation Set! Shine On!

Still running through EXE 2. I'm currently at FreezeMan's scenario, so I think I'm almost done. Speaking of which, I still need to finish Operate Shooting Star and Twin Leaders...

On that note, I decided to take a break from EXE 2 by playing OSS for a bit...

As I've noted on the YouTube pages for these videos, I recorded these using DesMuMe. However, DesMuMe seriously lags when I use the built-in AVI recording feature, so timing my moves for these fights were a bit awkward.

... but WoodMan was still as easy as ever. I didn't think it was possible for WoodMan to move any slower, until the lag set in...

I should've thrown minibombs at him...

Funny story:
I was playing OSS a week ago, and had to go to the bathroom. Since I was at a point in the story where I was just running around, I decided to take the DS with me. I eventually got to the point where I got to challenge Enzan. All I remember was hearing the flushing of the toilet, as I walked away with at least 2-4 copies of Blues V2 and V3.

I've been having a blast playing OSS and EXE 2. It makes me feel like I'm back in grade school, staying up during summer nights feeling like nothing else matters...

... until my DS' battery dies. Then it's time to whip out the PSP. ;)

Speaking of my PSP, I've finally finished Phantasy Star Portable 2's story mode with the Normal Ending! Now I can finally cut Miku Hatsune a break, and go back to my main character so that I can run through Hard Mode. High level goodies await!

I can't wait for Infinity to be localized. Playing the japanese trial version hasn't helped much either:

Some of the password items include Hyuuga's saber and Nagisa's sword (as seen in Episode 2 of the Story Mode), and a swanky Fanta outfit (which can be seen on my character, "Ichimeko").

Apparently there's yet another new from of Rappy introduced in this game. I find these guys pretty cool, when they're not poking your eyes out.

At this point, guarding probably isn't going to do much. Then again, this is why you don't try taking screenshots mid-combat.

If this game gets localized, they better keep this item. This'll look real nice next to the Gachapon machine in my room in PSP2.

I... don't know what to say about this.

Apparently, the Colonel has decided to grace us with his presence...

So can't wait.

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