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Monday, May 30, 2011

Imagine sunset skies, the warm desert waves, the breeze blows oh I'm close to you.

I doodled up a new drawing, which can be seen here.

The above drawing was used to make a new banner for the blog, which I think looks a bit better than the last. Now I just need to make something nice to replace crazy 'ol Elpizo in the corner.

In other news...

Finally got a chance to sit down and play Operate Shooting Star. Despite the language barrier, I've managed to make my way past the special ClockMan.EXE scenario. I admit I enjoyed the short scene before you start the S.S.RockMan Battle tutorial. Subaru's confusion was priceless, and the voiceover made it even funnier. It's just too bad that the "Plug-In" and "Battle Operation" voice samples unique to this scenario are the only time you'll get to hear them (like in EXE 5 DS during that ONE point in the story). I thought they were kinda cool.

And with that, I'm out. Gotta catch some Z's.

Side-note: Speaking of portable games, I got to finally play Peace Walker with some friends. Getting run over countless times by several tanks was hysterically fun. I think we should do it again sometime. I just wish there was a way to tell which supply marker belongs to whom...

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