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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's finally time for tonight's monthly update!

First and foremost, I've finally uploaded my submission for UDON's MegaMan Tribute book. Since it's being posted, it obviously means I didn't make it in, but hey... C'est la vie, non?

Speaking of MegaMan, RockMan 3 Complete Works has been released on PSN stateside, so do be sure to download it!

I've also got a couple of videos for you guys as well, one of them being a video I made for school. This one's on the thought provoking side, so I'm sure you'll find it interesting to watch.

The other videos are all covers. One's an old cover I did of "Your Call", another is a cover of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me".

The other two are special covers, as they're english language covers of japanese language songs. One is Lamaze-P's "Mischievous Function", and the other is Porno Graffitti's "Hitori no Yoru" (or in english, "Lonely Night"). Coming up with translyrics for these two were fun. Difficult, but fun. I think Mischievous Function's came out closer in rhythm with the original than Hitori no Yoru's did. At least the meaning was kept intact, hopefully.

And that's all I've got tonight! G'night all!

Side-note: I need to stop writing stuff up after midnight.

Side-side-note: I need to stop playing P3P after midnight. Pharos periodically stopping by to say hi in his creepy voice during the dark hour is creepy.

Side-side-side-note: This song is addictive, and it's very well written. Personally, the angles used in the PV make Rin look like Emilia Percival, thus making the PV even better than it already is.

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