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Friday, February 4, 2011

An old copy of TIMBER MANIACS ...NOT!

I've picked up Street Fighter II V again for old time's sake, and I never realized how much of the series I had missed or forgotten.

I honestly don't remember much about the final arc of the series. But then again I can understand why, as the last few episodes were just Guile and Nash running around in circles, Bison talking, and Ken having nightmares. Oh, and let's not forget Cammy's epic daydream that took ten minutes...

Speaking of which, someone recently came up to me and asked me if the title of an earlier post was from the Fatal Fury anime (specifically, the english dubbed version). I said, "yes, it was. I kinda miss those anime".

It's true. I remember the mid-late 90's had quite a few fighting game-based anime: Street Fighter II V, Street Fighter II the Animated Movie, Fatal Fury, Battle Arena Toshinden, Tekken, and even Art of Fighting. The best thing, is that the majority of these anime had absolutely NOTHING to do with the games. Furthermore, many of these titles were brought over stateside and dubbed, usually to humorous effect.

I also remember a few game-based anime being localized even before the games they were based on were localized, like Fire Emblem. (I feel special inside knowing that I knew who Marth was way before Melee came out. It was like knowing about Trunks and the Andriods while everyone was still captivated by Frieza and Super Saiyan Goku stateside.)

Ah, the days where it was all the rage to call yourself a Super Saiyan and depict yourself with outrageously spiky hair.

Side-note: Final Fantasy VIII now inhabits my PSP! ... at the cost of deleting most of whatever was on my mem. stick. ._.

Side-side-note: If you were to sum up Ken Masters in Street Fighter II V in two words, they would be "Sho-ru-ken" and "SII-YAA SEI".

Side-side-side-note: I wonder what the Street Fighter universe would be like if Nash had kept his design from this series...

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