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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

K-ON!! Azusa Nakano Character Album

Finally got to listen to Azusa's K-ON!! character album, while cleaning the (Un)BalNz'D HQ. It's great that I can finally walk around without stepping/tripping on anythin'. All the dust that decided to take residence on my collection, wasn't.

In any case, the album was... eh. It wasn't as spectacular as the K-ON! character album, but it wasn't too bad.

Over the Starlight is okay. Not bad, but not good, just okay. The instrumental for the song is phenomenal, which is what I've come to expect after listening to the K-ON! image albums for the 5 main girls. The vocals however, are kinda meh. As much as I like Azusa's VA, it takes a while for the vocals to grow on you. They're not bad, but just not that catchy. The chorus' tune will probably get stuck in your head for a bit, but the rest doesn't stick as well. Personally, the song reminds of GO! GO! MANIAC in feel, as that song also took a while to appreciate. I also think both songs would've made better openings than Utauyo Miracle. I also find it sounds like something you'd hear in the Dragon Ball Z series of games for PS2, or Dragon Ball Kai.

Joyful Todays is a catchy, mellow song. There's nothing to complain about in the song, and it features a few catchy riffs in both the instrumental and vocal sections. Both versions are easy to listen to, and I like it for this reason, especially since the other two main tracks on this album sound better without their respective vocals. It's perfect music for chillaxing.

Come with Me!! (Azusa ver.) serves as the universal track for the K-ON!! image albums, but isn't all that great. Like Over the Starlight, the vocal section is weaker compared to the instrumental section. Furthermore, the song itself isn't all that great. It's mostly forgettable, and seems to lack the energy that the K-ON! songs seem to have. It almost doesn't even seem like a K-ON! song. Interestingly, the instrumental version isn't as much of a chore to listen to compared to the vocal version, but it still doesn't sound like a K-ON! song though. ._. (Actually, the instrumental sounds like it belongs in a Sonic the Hedgehog game...)

Overall, the album, like I've said above, wasn't as great as Azusa's previous image album. Come with Me!! pales in comparison to Let's Go. Standalone, the album is okay, and the instrumentals totally blow the vocal versions out of the water.

One thing I will give the album though, is that the album's cover art is nyaawesome.

Side-note: Argh RockMan 2 CW is taking forever to DL. ._.

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