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Monday, January 24, 2011

Feel the storm, it's coming...!

Due to the large (in terms of my work ethic) amount of content I've just uploaded, I'm going to just to make an obnoxiously large list, instead of cutely hiding links in my writing like I usually do.

Dragon Ball Z - You Mean Krillin?!
Original - All I've Wanted
Original - Under Siege (We're Dying)
Cover - Just Be Friends
Cover - Just Be Friends (feat. rockleetist)

(PROTIP: The following can also be found at the MUZAK page.)
Zelda's Lullaby Rock Cover
Twilight Princess - Ilia's Song
Twilight Princess - Hero's Theme
Pallet Town
MegaMan X 3 - Zero
MegaMan X - Intro
Dragon Ball Z - Battle Riff
Secondhand Serenade - Your Call
Just Be Friends
Wild Orient
Pocket Hero - We're Dying (Under Siege)
All I've Wanted
Hey There Dreamer (Rough Vocal)
Hey There Dreamer (Rough Off Vocal)
Fallin' (Superough)
Just Be Friends (feat. rockleetist)

Pocket Hero - Arrival of Pokiro
"Rock On, Model ZX!"
"Prepare to meet your doom Buu, I am Super Vegito!"
Shining Fingaaaar

First and foremost, I'd like to say that the Just Be Friends covers wouldn't be possible without use of rockleetist's songlations. You can check out her channel (chock full of high quality goodness) here.

I'd also like to say that the duet above isn't exactly a duet. I merely took my recording, added some special effects, and mixed her and my recordings together, along with an instrumental track. She totally blows me out of the water. =p By the way, if you're reading this, and you'd like me to take this file down, then please let me now.

Also, the Pocket Hero related recordings are from a school project, not an actual series. So if you gave those a listen and are were extremely confused, it's okay. Even if you knew what I was talking about, you'd probably still be confused. Just enjoy the silly voices.

Finally, the voicework files are just me messing around with recording techniques. Fun fact: These 3 files were recorded during the time I was working on my entry for one of the MegaMan Network's contests, so they doubled as a vocal warmup.

It is bloody cold where I live. It is almost painful trying to type all this. ._. The best part, is that my town is supposedly about to be rocked by ANOTHER snowstorm.

Speaking of cool things (har), I finally got a chance to try out PSP2Infinity. Didn't play too much, but I was still impressed by what I saw. Hyuuga's new look is rather slick, and Nagisa is a cross between Shana and Devil May Cry's Nero. I really, really want their swords in-game. The fight scene between Hyuuga and Nagisa had me drooooling. I think my jaw dropped when she literally Devil Triggered and walloped Hyuuga. But, I feel for Hyuuga though, based on his looks he looks like he's a Duman now. =(

In any case, I definately want PSP2Infinity much more now, probably almost as bad as I want Brave Fencer Musashi (for PSP in ENGLISH).

I'd also like a localized .hack//LINK. The demo was fun. ._.

Speaking of PSP games, RockMan 2 Complete Works is coming in Feburary. YESSSSSSSSSSSS-

Oh hey I have to do a project. I'll talk to you cool cats later.

Side-note: Must. Finish. UDON. Contest. Entry. Blargh.

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