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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dat Blue Boy

With Legends 3 looming over the horizon, I've decided to FINALLY pick up Legends 2. Yeah, I'm totally late to the party, but it's better late than never, y'know?

And since we're talking MegaMan tonight, I might was well throw in my thoughts on the EXE Wonderswan game that I plowed through recently.

Without further ado:

And he was only trying to cook pizza.
MegaMan Legends 2 (PSX, 2000)

For those who don't know, I am a die hard MegaMan geek. Therefore, I die inside everytime I think about how I much I enjoyed Legends, and wished I grabbed Legends 2 when it was still on shelves.

Until now. (I still want my own hard copy though.)

I've only started playing, so I can't exactly say too much about this game. However, what I have seen so far has impressed me. It makes me further regret not picking up the game earlier.

"MegaMan, can you stop by the store and pick up some milk later?" Best. Line. Ever.

[The Story]
A year after MegaMan and family crash landed on Kattleox island, Professor Barrel recieves a latter from an old friend. Barrel soon finds himself aboard the Sulpher Bottom, a gigantic ship designed by the professor's old friend for the sole purpose of reaching Forbidden Island, the island said to contain the Mother Lode. Unfortunately, this sudden development has Roll depressed as she wanted to be the first to discover the Mother Lode.

However, when things quickly go awry at a press conference aboard the Sulpher Bottom, MegaMan and Roll are spurred back into action. Using the Flutter to track down Barrel, MegaMan sets of on yet another adventure.

... until Data decides to nearly burn down the ship while making pizza.

So far, the story seems intriguing, and I cannot wait to see how it will unfold, especially since it'll involve the mystery behind Roll's parents, and MegaMan's origins.

[General Thoughts]

-What is that small orange thing on MegaMan's back?
-I wonder why they got rid of MegaMan's VA from the first game.
-I wonder why they got rid of the in-battle kick attack. Picking people up River City Ransom style isn't as magical in this game.
-MegaMan acting like the MegaMaid is just too funny.
-Data catching on fire while you're trying to put out the fire in the kitchen is even funnier. Having Data headbutt you while saying "I WAS ONLY TRYING TO MAKE PIZZA" makes this scene epicly hilarious.
-I like the new interior for the Flutter. I find it cute that everyone's rooms got redecorated, and MegaMan's room is slightly less boring. I can't believe he still has that cactus.
-Roll's explanation of why MegaMan doesn't have any of his gear from the first game is absolutely hilarious. This makes Legends 2 the only game in the franchise that explains why you have nothing but your buster, even if you found a whole bunch of cool stuff in another game.

[Additional Screenshots]
Aww, it's a tiny model of the Flutter.
In my defense, she willing walked into the line of fire. Seriously.
A Golden Boy moment.

RockMan EXE WS (Wonderswan Color, 2003)

I still remember when the EXE anime first came out in Japan, and how much I liked watching it. I found myself wondering at times, "wow, I wonder what a game based off of the anime would be like?" A few years back, I learned of this game's existance, and always wondered what the game was like.

I never would have guessed these two thoughts would answer each other.

EXE WS's story mode is partially based on the EXE anime. If you can't read japanese, then you probably wouldn't be able to guess what's going on in this game unless you've watched the anime. However, it's okay if you don't know what's going on, there's really no need.

For those who want to know what the basic plot is: WWW does something mean, Netto and RockMan try and stop them. Repeat for 4-5 more levels. The special level is about the Superbug Gospel, who in general threatens to devour the net.

The game plays similar to the classic series games, similar to how Network Transmission handled compared to the rest of the EXE series. However, the gameplay is very unique compared to the classic and EXE series. There're quite a few things here worthy of note:

-As I mentioned above, the game doesn't possess much of a language barrier. It's not hard to figure out which sub-menu is which, and it only takes a little while to figure out what chip you're using or want since each chip has a unique in-game icon.
-The game is ridiculously short, even including the 2-3 extra times you have to run through the story mode to get EVERYTHING.
-The game has a New Game+ feature, which makes for good news and bad news. Good news: You keep all of the chips and styles you've amassed. This makes playthroughs MUCH easier. Bad news: You may have to play through some of those incredibly ridiculously designed stages AGAIN, and sometimes not even your chips can save you.
-The stage design is worse than X8 and RockMan and Forte's, if that's even possible.
-There is a Comm. Meter in the upper-right corner of the screen that lets you know how strong your connection with Netto is. Depending on the signal strength, there will be times where you can't use your chips or even open up the pause menu. It's a really nice touch that's unique even compared to other games.
-There are no custom gauge or chip folders in this game, unlike all the other games in the EXE series. Instead, you can assign 4 chips to the "other" 4 d-pad buttons on the WS, and then you simply use them by hitting the respective d-pad button. It's basically just like the item system in the Legend of Zelda games for the N64 and GameCube (seriously). In a sense, it makes chips function similar to how they did in the EXE anime.
-Collecting chips in this game works the same as in Network Transmission. Bust an enemy, get a chip, put it in your "folder", use it. However, unlike Network Transmission, once you use up all of your chips they're gone, with the exception of the "toggle activated" chips.
-You can aquire styles in this game, though you're restricted to the 4 core styles featured in the anime. However, they don't have the same special effects as they did in the games OR the anime. Instead, the styles affect your elemental weakness, the element of your charge shot (which still the same charge shot, just a different color), and give a single small benefit such as a speed or defense boost, or a slightly stronger buster.
-The game uses a chiptune version "Kaze wo Tsukinukete" as the game's theme. Cute.
-Your buster is handles as it would in a classic series game. If you've played Network Transmission, then you'll know why I think this awesome.

[General Throughts]
Overall, the game's okay, even if you consider when the game was released. There's a lot of good points, but also a lot of flaws. If they were to update the game, or at least reuse some of the concepts featured here, you'd have a much more solid game. I just wish it were longer, and the stages were designed a bit better.

... I mean seriously, how do you do WORSE than X8 and MegaMan and Bass?

If you're an EXE fan, like the anime, and were decent at the classic series games, then you may want to give this game a try. Otherwise, you'll be just fine if you don't play this one.

Additonal Screenshots:
I'mma cut you.
I appear to have some cosmic link with the Shield style. It's the first style I get in every game, and was the only style I got in EXE 2.
These are all the styles you can get in-game. Oops spoiler.
The chip selection screen. Survival, speed, and swords. That's how you beat the game.

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