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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Three words I never thought I would hear. Honestly.

I really liked Inafune. Yeah, he may have a lot to say about the gaming industry, but it's with good reason: he's on a mission. He's a visionary, trying to make his dreams into reality.

I truly would like to see how this path of his will unfold, now that he is no longer with Capcom. Perhaps he can instill the "fun" that older games had, into the games of tommorow? That's one of the main reasons why I liked him. A lot of the games he worked with were "fun", the kind of games you don't want to put down.

Maybe he'll pull a Sakurai (of HAL labs, propieter of the Kirby franchise), start up his own company, pump out awesome stuff, and then team up with Capcom every once in a while to make the greatest games ever. That'd be interesting to see. In that case, it's almost like Tony Stark and and Circuits Maximus.

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