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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oh hey, school's back in session.

No updates due to import awesomeness:

I need not the push of my farts!
Kinnikuman: Muscle Grand Prix MAX (PS2, 2006)

I can't express how badly I've wanted to play this game. If you're a true fan of classic manga, then you should know how awesome the original Kinnikuman series is. For the uninitiated, Kinnikuman is a fighting series that started out as an Ultraman parody that soon became "MMA meets Superheroes".

Muscle Grand Prix was an arcade game that featured characters from the "Seven Devil Choujin" and "Silver and Gold Mask" arcs from the manga, as well as a handful of characters from the sequel "Kinnikuman: Nisei". Muscle Grand Prix MAX is the home console version of Muscle Grand Prix, and features content not seen in the arcade game. The most notable additions would include the Story Mode, which included several cutscenes based of the scenes from the manga spanning the "Seven Devil Choujin" and "Silver and Gold Mask" arcs, and additional characters.

But what makes this game truly amazing, is that the game is incredibly fun. The game isn't your typical wrestling game, nor is it a typical fighting game. The engine is an excellent cross between the two that works just fine, and is rather easy to pick up.

This game bascially has everything I look for in both an anime/manga-based game, and a standalone game. It looks, sounds, and plays great, and follows the source material well. It's just a shame that this game didn't make it out of japan, as it has a LOT going for it.

Additional screenshots:

In Soviet Russia, robot deactivates YOU.
I really dig the localized name Lomeinman. It makes Mongolman's futile effort to hide his identity even funnier.
It's great that Terry has his Great the 2nd coustme, but it'd be 10x cooler if you could play as Kamehame as Great.

Oh yeah, Nisei says hi too:


Also playing:

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze (PS2, 2002)

As of this writing, Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, Part 5: Vento Aureo, and Part 1: Phantom Blood have had game adapations. Why isn't there a game for Part 2?! When is it Joesef's time to shine?! (Before anyone asks, "Josef" is the actual spelling of his name according to his tombstone.) But I digress.

This game is awesome. What makes it even more awesome, is that it's based on JoJo, and is made by Capcom, who also made the game for JoJo Part 3. What's not awesome, is that game was going to recieve an english adaptation, but didn't due to excessive references to various bands that would spell over 9000 lawsuits.

Even if you're not a fan of the manga, you have to admit that the game practically oozes style. The game is heavily story-oriented, and makes excellent use of manga-style and real-time cutscenes. When you're not watching the story unfold, you're beating up the bad guy, which is always fun. What makes it even more fun, is that each opponent you encounter has some kind of gimmick, just like you do. This is where the game truly shines, as you have to figure out how to defeat your opponent using your abilities and wits, similiar to how the fights in the JoJo manga tend to work. By following the actions of the characters in the manga, you can trigger cutscenes or small bits of dialogue that result in a longer (and sometimes slightly refilled) health meter, as well as points that unlock bonus content.

The icing on the cake that is Ougon no Kaze, is that the game looks and sounds great. Capcom did an amazing job of adapting the world of JoJo to 3D, and giving it an amazing soundtrack (that happens to include a rad remix of Polnareff's theme from the Part 3 fighting game).

Like I said earlier, it's a real shame this game didn't get localized like it was going to. The game is great, and there's quite a bit to keep you busy. Thankfully, it's not hard to navigate menus since the majority of them are in english.

Eek. Stranger danger!

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