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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pon Pon

I think for the first time in... ever, I've posted a video on YouTube of me playing guitar.

Go ahead, check it out. I'll wait for you to get back.

Hey hey, no cheating now!

... so were you surprised?

In any case, the song featured in the video is a W-I-P called "Velveteen Best Friend (A Toy Story)". I really like this set of lyrics. They were a pain to write though, I had to revise the song so much. ._. And to think that it's still not completely finished yet...

I think Velveteen Best Friend's the only other song I've written I can see myself still liking years from now. In truth, I think most of the things I've written are horrible. Hopefully it means I'm developing a sense of quality, or something.

Anyway, the only other song I consider to be decent, would be "Never Ever Happy Kinda Guy". Speaking of which, I also happened to record that too while recording Velveteen Best Friend.

When I was doing recording them both, I decided to mess around and record something totally different since I still had the recording stuff out. And here I thought remembering english lyrics was hard...

Finally, if you liked that shot of the Mira paperchild, you can ogle it at devART too. (FUNFACT: Mira is being held up by an ejector rod, because I couldn't find any tape while taking the shot.)

So, that should cover everything for tonight. Also, I've updated the music page with the 3 recordings, and fixed the links to "Get On My Horse" and "Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star".

Pon pon pon p-pon p-pon pon.

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