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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paper Night, Plastic Moon

Y'know, it's been a while since I've actually posted about (my own) content. Even though I didn't get around to posting it on T_is_for_Tony, I was still making things. And now that I've made a few more things, I think it's about time for a content update:

Let's start off with doodles:

This, was a contest entry for another Capcom Unity contest. Didn't win, but it had one helluva story behind it.

This is another drawing of Mira, but inverted and tinted blue. I used a variation of this piece for the banner.

Speaking of deviantART, I've finally reached over 2000 hits. I really ought to do something to comemmorate that; especially since I missed the 1000 hit comemmorative mark...

And now, videos:

This technically isn't new since the song itself was posted on the blog before, but I made a video out of it to show the people who only visit the channel that I do stuff with music too. I REALLY ought to re-do this piece, now that I have the means to make it sound decent.

This is the first part of a very, VERY abridged version of Alex Rider: Point Blanc, with a few artistic liberties taken with the story. There's more information about this short series in the description for each video.

This video was made during the time I was making the Alex Rider: Point Blanc mini series I talked about above. You can hear the rest of the story in the comments. Did I mention that the friend I worked with on the project is a Gundam fan?

This video is based on the scene in MegaMan Zero 3 where Copy X gets his britches in a bunch after he's defeated (again). I really wish I had the soundbytes for the explosion. It would've sounded so much better. But helped me practice my X and my screaming, so it's all cool.

Last but definately not least, I've got some new muzak for you guys to check out:

This is the Super Mario 64 File Select Screen music played on a keyboard to sound like a ringtone, which is what it's supposed to be: a ringtone.

This is a cover "Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star" from "Spongebob Squarepants". I got it stuck in my head, and decided playing it would exorcise it from my head (like "Touchdown Turnaround" or "When It's Over").

This is that song by Weebl. My friend showed it to me, and I ended up doing the same thing I did for "Twinkle Twinkle Patrick Star", above.

This keyboard riff was just a simple riff I came up with out of boredom, and it ended up becoming my sister's and my ringtone at various points. Maybe it can be yours too.

This piece is one tune I've been tinkering around with. I still haven't gotten it to the point where I'm completely satisfied yet, but hopefully...! Since I've created this preliminary mix, I've removed the part with the synth. violin. I think it's too distracting, and takes away from the basswork.

This piece is one of my current personal favorites. It's called "Complex Circuit", and is actually a MIDI file that was converted into an mp3. I really like how it came out, and is my first original non-lyric composition that I can consider complete. Of course, there's still room for improvement but I feel this is the best I've come up with (musically) in a while.

While messing around with my MIDI making program, I decided to take whatever I had in the folder at the time and change the instruments to make them all sound like they came from a videogame.
-This one was based on the first MIDI I made to test the program out, and sounds like something you'd hear while shopping for gear.
-This one is for those mellow moments. Y'think it's time to save?
-This one is for those intense moments that make your heart feel heavy.
-This track was made for those moments where your emotions begin to explode.
-This track is a MIDI-fied version of a song I wrote for a friend called "Fallin'".
-This is the old-skool-ified version of Enter the Hero.
-This track is for those times when you're in a dangerous dillema.
-This track is the eerily slow version of Check Out Freak Out.
-This is the old-skool-ified version of Complex Circuit.
-This is the kind of thing you'd hear if you locked in a haunted, spooky library.
-This song means it's boss bashing time. It's also a remix of Enter the Hero.

That should just about cover it. Also, if you haven't checked out Marvel vs. Capcom X yet, I suggest you do so. It's a pretty fun game. (And for all you M.U.G.E.N. users, it means free characters!)

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