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Saturday, July 10, 2010

NO, Thank You!

K-ON!! Got a new opening and closing, which would make this the 3rd time the series has changed its opening and closing numbers, and the 3rd set of singles that I am going to obsessively hunt down.

The new opening is quite crappy, and is by far the WEAKEST track I've heard from the series yet. Even GO! GO! Maniac is better, with it's high-pitched vocals that just don't seem to belong. But that's not where we're here. We're here because of NO, Thank You!, which totally makes up for the crappy new opening...

If you haven't seen the previous two closings, Don't say "lazy" and Listen!!, then I highly suggest you do so as they're spectacular both visually and musically, both being amazing in their own way.

However, NO, Thank You! is special, because as a package it blows away both Don't say "lazy" and Listen!!'s videos. It takes amazing music (Don't say "lazy"'s strongest point) and amazing visuals (Listen!!'s strongest point) and combines them into something that could even compete with a live action Music Video.

I honestly can't find anything truly wrong with this video... it's practically perfect. (I say practically, because I think Azusa needs more screentime. However, that doesn't count as a legitimate flaw because I think Azusa needs more screentime ALL ZE TIME.)

It's so pringles, it makes you wonder where the curleh mustache's at.

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