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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello, Hello, Mr. Moonlight

Happy Independance Day, for all you readers in the U.S.A.!

Well. It's kinda good to be back... even though I have loads more work to do. If you missed the introductory post, you can check that here.

For now, I have a select few entries from the old blog from '08 to check out, but I intend to retro-post most of the content based entries, and omit a lot of the boring one that're about my personal life.

I've also imported the content archive from the old blog as well, but I hope to totally revamp the content the content archive into something easier to navigate, with some sexy direct links. I'll save mediafire for the bigger stuff. In that same vein, the Muzak page will house all of the music-based content I have to offer, since that's big enough to deserve its own page.

Speaking of things from the old page, if you've been reading the blurbs that I've been adding now and again, you'll noticed that I had links to a game called Marvel vs. Capcom X, and promised that I'd also share the links to the full version of the game when I returned. Well, Marvel vs. Capcom X gets its own page here, so you can download the Lite or Complete flavored versions. I don't think it needs any further updates anymore, but if it does, I'll let you guys know.

Finally, I've added a page dedicated to a super top secret project that I've been planning to do for quite a while now, and may take the entire summer to complete. I'll release more info as the project comes along.

That's about it. I don't think there's anything else important I've left to say.

Otherwise, I've been on a music binge. The Touhou remix track Border of Extacy's Off Vocal version is insanely addictive... In that same vein, I also dig Bad Apple!! and the Off Vocal version of Border of Death.

Another guilty pleasure would be Pleather for Breakfast. It makes me REALLY want to get a copy of No More Heroes... As does Philistine, which is in Desperate Struggle.

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