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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cap-come check this out!

Okay, first off, MegaMan StarForce 2 is out in the states and I totally want it.

I really enjoyed the prequel, and if Capcom maintains their tradition of sequels... (mainly in MegaMan games) then this one should be rad.

And now for something that'll blow your socks off.


That's right, not the X, EXE, Zero, ZX, or StarForce series... this is the original blue eyed bot that started it all!

According to these: (courtesy of RockMan Perfect Memories and RockMan AMV)

The blue bomber's adventure will be done in original 8-bit style, like games 1-6. That includes graphics, and sound. 8-bit sound??? Does that mean it'll suck??? Not exactly. While most of the MegaMan games had an 8-bit soundtrack, they also were the most memorable tunes in videogame history, spawning covers and remixes throughout the world.

I'm extremely stoked. I really am. Having grown up practically playing MegaMan titles all my life, this by far has to be the greatest news EVER. The classic series hasn't seen an offical sequel since '98-'99, (Tho MegaMan and Bass came out 2003 in the states, it came out a couple years before in Japan as RockMan and Forte, and is designated as Rock/MegaMan 8.5) with the latest thing pertaining to the classic series being MegMan: Powered Up which came out in '05 I think.

Now if the X series can get a sequel too, we can finally find out what's up with Axl =)

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