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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MegaMan Nasty Translation Warrior

Straight up, NT Warrior bothers me. How can you take such a nice show and butcher it so badly???

MegaMan NT Warrior is the English dubbed version of RockMan.EXE and is by far one of the worst jap to english transitions I've ever seen.

VIZ media, apparently decided to screw with EXE's existing translation, and hire voice actors that were inappropriate for their characters.

The TorchMan change is okay, because most people would associate FireMan with the profession of the same name. And SpoutMan comes from the fact that DC might wanna sue since they have an AquaMan too. But somehow IceMan kept his name. Just goes to show you Marvel kicks DC ass anytime.

But... some name changes make no sense at all...

Mayl became Maylu, and officially killed the cool lil pun they had going on there.

Masa is pronounced May-suh... but he was a Mah-sah in Battle Network 1

Operators are now NetOps, which doesn't make sense considering the operators are in the real world

Navis are pronounced differently, but pro'lly do to regional differences

Episodes are missing, with absolutely no explanation. Like the baseball episode

Gospel is Grave, and if I'm not mistaken, Gospel became Treble in the original series.

Eugine Chaud is now Chaud Blaze... where the hell does that come from???

And speaking of Chaud, he has a rather deep voice for a TWELVE year old. Honestly, some of the characters voices just don't fit the character. Especially IceMan's. He sounds like he has lung cancer.

I can't tell what sucks more. They voice job, or the translation job. Or maybe even the fact that this show might've scared away whatever potential MegaMan fans are left in the world.

MegaMan needs better VA's. Like the ones from Powered Up, Legends, and X8.

Hell at least they almost got Axess right.

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