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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flat, Smooth, Watermelons?

That's the best oxymoron I've heard in a while.

And it's odd how a song about flat-chests can be so...

... catchy/addictive:

Yes, I got the Watermelon line from that song. I especially love how the jump from talking about flatness to burying demons.

The lyrics are something along the lines of...

Main chorus:

Pettan, Pettan, Tsuru Petan,
Pettan, Pettan, Tsuru Pettan,
Pettan, Pettan, Mochi Pettan,
Pettan, Pettan, Mune Pettan,

(Then the chorus is repeated again twice, but quickly. Also, during the 3rd repetition the 2nd Tsuru Pettan is replaced with Harupittan.)

Talking part:

(Can't translate exactly, since they talk too fast, but they talk about a girl, drinking, stalking, and eating offerings.)


(The slower part, something about a demon/oni, and darkness.)

Then comes the chorus, followed by:

Youjo, Youjo, Tsurupetta Youjo,
Youjo, Youjo, Tsurupetta Youjo,
Suika, Suika, Tsurupetta Suika,
Suika, Suika, Tsurupetta Suika.

Then the Talking part after this has something else about stalking.

The bridge.

The chourus, with the part after that, then the chorus is sung quickly once.

And translation notes:

The Miku Miku Reimu part is actually about characters from a PC space shooter called Touhou.

The phrase "Akuyo Taisan" said during the bridge means something like "Evil begone".

Pettan means flat, tsurutsuru has to do with smoothness, and mune refers to breasts... The mochi pettan means flat as a pancake.

Youjo means little/young girl, and Suika means watermelon although someone told me Suika is a character in Touhou as well.

Harupittan is a vid on NicoNicoDouga (a vid site in japan) featuring characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and a space shooter game for the PC called Touhou.

That's all I got. =p

So yeah, it's a song about flat-chested-ness, demons, and flat...

... watermelons. It's like an oxymoron!

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