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Friday, December 5, 2008

Some days I feel down and out.

Since me and my buddy decided to stay up later than usual, I have a major surprise for you...

... a HUGE guitar update.

First and foremost, my friend is addicted to Blink-182's "I Wanna F*** A Dog In The A**", so one of the things he asked me to play was this song. Here's the main riff played by ear:

Next up, is a more finished version of "Somedays Sometimes". I recorded this at like... 1 AM so don't be surprised if I seem tired while playing... I really need to stop putting half-baked versions of this song.
Thanksgiving day, my friend's brother was playing MegaMan X 3 and I always thought that game had some really cool tracks, and I got the urge to do a cover of one. Here's the song that plays when Zero shows up in the intro stage:
Finally, here's something new I call "I Didn't Know Where To Put This". A MUCH better attempt at being mellow than "Trying To Be Mellow" in my opinion ;)
Damn I'm tired. Btw, that wasn't a pirate it was thine seester. =)

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